The able to smile, laugh and have a

The video that I have chosen to observe, analyze and
make developmental objectives for is of a 3.3 year old preschool male child in
the Butterfly. 


Developmental Observation

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Asked other child, “Where did you find those?”

Mimicked other child’s actions during play

Mimicked what the other child was saying

Poured small objects from one bowl to another

The Boy dug through materials and found a necklace

Opened a fan and fanned his playmate

Picked out small object rom container with necklace

Picked up a large handful pf blocks using his whole
hand and fingers

Found two phones and gave one to playmate

Chanted “Call on the phone” with playmate

Swayed back and forth while chanting

He picked up a purple necklace and said “Purple for

Said “My favourite colour is silver and gold” and then
picked up silver and gold necklaces

Pretended to make food and fed it to playmate

Lifted two jars, one with each hand and moved them to
the other side of the table


Developmental Analysis

Physical- In this video, it is clear to see that there
is a lot of hands on learning happening with the child.  He is constantly picking objects up, putting
them on his body, manipulating them with his hands and moving them around. When
analyzing the Constructivist model, Vygotsky emphasized the importance of
children learning about the environment through the manipulation of
objects.  To improve his gross and fine
motor skills, the young boy can practice skills such as fine object manipulation,
using crayons and scissors, and throwing a ball outside.


Emotional – The boy in this video, is very emotionally
mature. He is able to smile, laugh and have a good time with his playmate. Also,
when he took a toy from the window ledge and then a girl grabbed for it, he
simply gave it to her without getting upset. In the future, he can work on
developing more self-control as well as tolerating some frustration that he
will most likely face through interacting with others.


Social – The boy in this video is very social and
enjoys interacting with others.  I can
observe him playing in the same vicinity of another young child, and they share
many of the same materials such as the necklaces and the small objects in the
bowls.  This type of play is defined by
Mildred Parten, through the Social-Behavioural Perspective, as Associate Play
which is playing in the same area and using some of the same materials as
others. In order to enhance his development, the boy could try to move onto the
next stage, which is Cooperative Play. 
This is when the children work together to meet a common goal, such as
filling up jars with tokens and putting a lid on them to make shacking instruments.


Language – The boy in this video is very capable at
expressing himself to his peers verbally. 
He is able to speak in full, grammatically correct sentences and
ask/answer questions in order to understand himself and others around him. When
reading about multiple Intelligences theory, it is clear that this child has a
very strong linguistic intelligence.  He
is very capable at narrating his play and expressing both his likes and
dislikes in a calm and constructive manner. To enhance his language, the boy
could continue to practice his grammar and combine sentences. He could also
begin to make his language less egocentric and focus on others and their


Creative – While watching the video, it was clear to
see that the boy was doing a lot of pretend play such as making food and eating
it.  By using props for something other
than their original use, he is expanding his creativity.  In order to progress, he could take on
characters and participate in pretend play without using physical objects as
props.  This will encourage his
creativity to emerge as he will able to be create any objects or characters
that he can think of.


Cognitive – Through interacting with his playmate, the
boy in the video imitated his playmate quite often.  He copied both what she said and what she
did. For example, he mimicked her actions of putting the metal caps onto
different parts of their faces.  This relates to the Social Learning Theory of
Albert Bandura, who emphasizes imitation in a child’s development. This theory
mainly relates to a child imitating a superior, but it can also be imitating
anyone you look up to, even a playmate. To further his development, the boy can
continue to try to imitate new actions and learn new things from both
his teachers and his peers.


 Developmental Objectives


Type of Development

Developmental Objective



The Child will manipulate small objects with limited

The child will practice manipulating small objects
with his hands by practicing doing a puzzle


The children will begin to identify their own emotions
by choosing an emotion they feel and describing why they feel this way. 

The children will be asked to identify how they feel
when asked by a teacher.


The child will play cooperatively with classmates
with some assistance.

The children will cooperatively sit in a circle and
play duck duck goose.


The Children will expand their vocabulary by
verbally narrating the pictures in the picture book.

The children will develop their own stories to
picture books and tell them to their peers and teacher.


The children will enhance their creativity through
make-believe play with prompting.

The children will develop make-believe characters
and interact with other children who are also make-believe children


The children will classify objects by their colour
and shape with some prompting.

The child will learn to sort objects into separate
categories firstly by their colour, and then again by their shape.

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