downfall of Oedipus was led by the character’s tragic flaws of anger and pride.
Many people have argued that his flaw was his anger. However, I feel that his
weakness was the pride he had as an individual, which led to his downfall. His
rage emerged when his ego was attacked or demoralized by the people around him.
For instance, Oedipus looked for help from Creon during the difficult time of
plague, who told him that the murder of the king was the cause of the plague.
Thus, the murderer must have been killed as well to ensure that justice
prevailed. He continued to seek help form Tiresias, the prophet, but was afraid
of telling Oedipus the truth of the matter since he was aware that Oedipus was
the murderer of Laius and married his mother thereby resulting in the plague
(Barstow 2).

discovered the truth later thus, became outraged towards Creon and Tiresias, who
he thought wanted to take over the throne. However, Creon noted that before his
anger had taken over him. Therefore, he warned him that his anger was his worst
enemy “I’ll go, and they have known my
innocence. Your temper is your own worst enemy” (Barstow 3). Instead of
embracing the truth and fate that was sealed at birth, he let his emotions
cloud his judgment, which resulted in his fall. He was overruled by his ego
that prevented him from seeing beyond his past thus, learned from it. Oedipus’
personality is different from his father’s because he believed in other people
more than he believed in self while his son was self-centered. Therefore, they
could not agree on some basic issues.

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overreacted when he was pushed by a servant out of the way by killing a massive
number of people as a way of protecting his pride as a leader. It can be seen
when he became extremely curious, which made him to strike the coachman that
was observed pushing the people Oedipus was said to be suffering from an
abysmal hubris, which led him to overreact out of anger in various situations.  Consequently, his anger was caused by his
pride as a leader of the people thereby making his pride his greatest flaw. He
ended up losing his temper towards the people as a way of protecting his pride,
which later led to his downfall when his ego was threatened. Therefore, he
ought to have controlled his pride to be more successful.



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