The for any depts, or any harm

The civil justice system is initially designed to sort out any disagreements between individuals as well as organisations. This can mean the claimant is suing the defendant for any depts, or any harm done for example a traffic incident. And of course, there are many other reasons for why the civil justice system was made.
A survey was carried out in 1995 by the National Consumer Council which discovered that 3 out of 4 people who are involved in legal disputes were dissatisfied with the civil justice system. Out of 1.019 litigants who took part, 77 percent said the system was too slow, 74 percent said it was too complicated, and 73 percent said it was hostile and old-fashioned.
The criticism from the lawyers, the judiciary and litigants about the civil justice system continued to the point that the previous Conservative Government appointed Lord Woolf to carry out a review. His review was the 63rd review in the last 100 years. His recommendations were emerged in his report ‘Access to Justice in 1996’. Lord Woolf’s intentions were to decrease the cost, delay and complexity of the civil justice system and increase access to the justice. Lord Woolf wanted to make changes and improve the civil justice system. 
Lord Woolf wanted to change the fact that it was too expensive so not everyone at different levels can afford it, too slow meaning cases weren’t being brought to any conclusions fast enough for a decision and it was very unequal meaning it was missing equality between the powerful and wealthy litigants and under-resourced litigants. Too uncertain in the sense of the length and the costs of the process. And on top of all that it is too fragmented because of how everything is put together since there is nobody there who has a clear responsibility for the administration of the civil justice system, and it is also too argumentative. All of this is too much ignored by the parties and is not even enforced by the court.


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