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The Great Depression was a tragic time in America. Many people were negatively affected by the depression. For example, people lost their jobs and they were running out of money. There was a downfall in the economy that had come with serious consequences. There were multiple events that caused the Great Depression, but there were three main causes to it. The three major causes of the Great Depression were excess consumerism, bank failures, and overproduction in agriculture and manufacturing.First, excess consumerism was a problem because people were spending more than they earn. For instance, people used installment plans to buy luxury goods. An installment plan allowed people to pay for the items over a certain period of time. Installment plans were successful if people had a job. However, when manufactures overproduced items, they had to lay off workers. Due to layoffs, buying slowed down and people only bought necessities instead of luxury goods. Layoffs also affected consumers because if they did not have a job, they could not pay for the product. Another reason excess consumerism was happening is because of advertising. People wanted to buy the goods that were shown in movies or advertisements. It made people spend their money that they had left from buying their necessities. Second, bank failures led to the Depression due to their faulty system. The banks made it easy to obtain loans and lend money. Banks also thought that the booming economy would last a long time. However, the businesses that borrowed money could not keep up with their payments, which forced many banks to close. After the stock market crashed, people were withdrawing their deposits in cash because they feared the bank will no longer function. This is called a bank run, and it eventually led to many bank failures. Since people were withdrawing their money, the bank could not lend any money. Another reason banks failed were due to people not paying their loans. For example, farmers were not able to pay their loans because of low crop prices and a surplus in farm products.Lastly, the overproduction of manufacturing and agriculture was a cause for the Depression because the factories were not able to sell their goods. The demand could not keep up with the production because people could not afford anything. After the stock market crash, it was impossible for people to pay off their debts because of loans and credits. The agriculture was also overproduced, which caused many farmers to go into debt. Since farmers were productions more than the population consumed, they tried to increase output. Unfortunately, increasing the output put many farmers in debt due to the expensive costs of the process. Because the demand dropped as supply increased, the prices of products began to drop. This left many farmers short changed. In conclusion, the main causes of the Great Depression were excess consumerism, bank failures, and overproduction in manufacturing and agriculture. First, excess consumerism involved installment plans and advertising that persuaded people to buy products. Second, bank failures were caused by their faulty systems and lenient loaning. Third, overproduction in agriculture and manufacturing affected the buying behavior of people and farmers.


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