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Teruyuki Minoura emphasises that the greatest strength of the Toyota Production System is the way it develops people cite{special_report_toyota}. The statement is further supported by Korn, who states that the most valuable resource in any organisation is people. Lean only really starts to work when every employee at the shop floor gets involved cite{korn_2016}. Lean CEOs face their strategic intent by experiencing the problems firsthand. They do so by getting involved with their teams that are solved daily and thinking why the teams encounter these issues in the first place. This process of thinking enables the CEOs to explore the work in the greatest detail, produce a deeper understanding of what are the right problems to focus on. This form of strategic thinking enables the planning process used by Toyota, called Hoshin Kanri cite{dennis2006getting}. Toyota executive Teruyuki Minoura recalls from his training with Taiichi Ohno cite{harada2015management} :egin{quote}”I don’t think he was interested in my answer at all. He was just putting me through some kind of training to get me to learn how to think”end{quote}Yorks suggests that the most crucial factor in achieving lean across the organisation is the active involvement of top management team (TMT). The TMT is responsible for engaging everyone in the lean implementation  cite{Yorks2013}. Alefari states that TMT develops a clear vision, ensuring sufficient financial resources and providing strategic leadership cite{Alefari2017}.Leading from the ground up means driving the strategy generation from the “shop floor” by looking into the factual data and using the entire shop floor team to come up with a strategy plan, rather than imposing one’s view on the reality of operations. This strategic concept comes from a book by Emile Simpson extit{From The Ground Up}, which talks about a radical rethink of modern military strategies cite{simpson2012war}. Back in ancient China, Sun Tzu, who was a general for the Chinese emperor wrote extit{The Art of War}, a guide to being a successful military strategist. He dictates that to be victorious, a leader must know how to efficiently manage his people, ensuring that both upper and lower ranks always have the same goals in mind and overseeing that top managers understand and encourage these goals cite{tzu2002art}.


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