Technology of the terms efficiency and productivity

Technology has taken business to another level. The impact
it has had and is having is so profound that the meaning of the terms
efficiency and productivity have changed. Previously simply benefiting from a
few gains here and a few gains there kept managers happy.

Starting off with the most obvious of benefits, automation
has allowed for major drops in terms of data processing costs and the likes.
While firms with automated systems are already reaping on benefits, the HP Gen8
server series provides additional value which can be realized. Rather than
relying on market based standards, clients can now expect nothing less than the

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Collaboration is another aspect which wouldn’t have been
possible was it not for the advent of high end server systems. With the
multiplicity of applications and data continuously moving to and fro within a
firm, a good server forms the backbone of efficient operations. The
functionality is one thing, the cost savings are another. Methods such as
tele-working and following email threads have been substituted for video
conferencing and real time collaboration wherein multiple users can work on a
single document simultaneously.

The HP Gen8 server series provides several benefits
resulting from HP’s 23 years of experience in the field of workstation
technology. Packed with the latest ProActive architecture, IT administrators
will love the overhaul given to the system and the way administration is
performed across servers.

Some features and their benefits have been briefly

Integrated Life cycle Automation

Why should you attend to every aspect of your systems when
they can manage themselves? The Gen8 series makes use of technologies such as
Active Health, agent free management, uncomplicated firmware and so on to
automate commonly performed tasks; greatly reducing the common IT lifecycle
hassles involved.

Active Health is a tool continuously monitoring and
diagnosing the system for errors and pitfalls by analyzing data based on 1600
various factors. Intelligent provisioning allows for an all in one solution
thereby eliminating the need to use multiple devices for firmware, updates and
drivers. All these functions pertain to life cycle integration and its
automation itself. Gen8 servers sees businesses getting gains in several other
aspects as well such as workload acceleration, or productivity, energy
optimization and savings and lastly support service.

Energy optimization involves components such as the thermal
discovery system which maps overall server status and logs reports accordingly.
Location discovery helps in pinpointing individual locations within racks and
lastly power discovery provides information needed for designing the ideal
energy plan around outages and other hurdles.


In nutshell, the Gen8 series is poised to meet the demands
of not only existing clients but also spread out to newer avenues. The options
offered in terms of scalability, support, savings and optimization make it the
ideal option for performance and everyday general applications alike.
Businesses can choose from among various models classified, at ground level, on
the basis of essential, performance, c-class and scalability models.   


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