Teachers a LGBTQ teacher because of reasons

Teachers are a big part of every childs life, even LGBTQ teachers. Some parents may not be comfortable or prefer for there child not to have a LGBTQ teacher because of reasons that I dont quite understand. LGBTQ teachers are just people who are not much different from me and you. There also not very different from any other teachers at local schools because all those teachers have different genders and preferences so why can’t LGBTQ teachers have there own preferences? The only difference between LGBTQ teachers and ” Straight” Teachers are that LGBTQ teachers prefer to be with someone different or of the same gender as themselves. A lot of LGBTQ teachers have been taking a stand and admitting to being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning. A lot of other LGBTQ teachers stay quite and dont say anything at all because there afraid of being judged, or even possibly loosing there Job. In the Article “The Phlight of Being a Gay (LGBTQ) Teacher” it states ” LGBTQ educators walk a fine line between keeping their jobs and being honest with their students.” This really made me think more about the topic because I really never thought just because a teacher or educator is LGBTQ they can lose their jobs. This really affected me because I love when teachers are honest with their students about themselves. But a lot of LGBTQ teachers can be honest with who they truly are they can’t open up about being Gay or Lesbain or whatever they choose. Teachers are afraid to loose there jobs for being themsleves. In the article “The Phlight of Being a Gay (LGBTQ) Teacher” a teacher shares “As a gay teacher who hadent come out to my students or staff I felt hamstrund as I heard a LGBTQ student getting called…” a name in the halls. In another article ” Affirming Our LGBTQ+ Educators Is Essential to Fighting Prejudice” another teacher shares “During my first year teaching they called me a (name) just for being Lesbian.” I know you may say teachers who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or even Questioning could influence students to become LGBTQ. Whoever thinks this is true is incorrect. Teachers who are LGBTQ do not ever try to convice their students to be LGBTQ. It was said in the article “The Phlight of Being a Gay (LGBTQ) Teacher” it states ” Teachers who are LGBTQ have experience being teased and called names, so they can help those students who are ALREADY LGBTQ by giving them advice on how to deal with it.” Im very glad that LGBTQ teachers have the ability that not all teachers have because not all teachers can share past experiences on teasing and bullying. In conclusion, LGBTQ teachers are just as good and maybe even better than “Straight” teachers. They help students in so many other ways than just teaching them the basic needs and standards students need to know. They also help with personal problems that students may be going through at school or even at home. This is why we should definently keep hiring LGBTQ teachers.


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