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19 January 2018

Absolutism and Democracy

the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries,
Absolutism and Democracy were the way of governing man. Although democracy is a
great way of governing it is still not efficient, not good at making good
decisions and having an order in the
nation, But an Absolut way of government
is very efficient, its fast and everyone will listen to your orders. The most
effective way of government is absolutism because in absolutism you aren’t
interfered by the people or other politics which makes the flow of government
better, absolutism is also great because of how there is only one decision and one order which means there will be no
corruption, although democracy is a great government everyone agrees that when
you give a man something precious he will still want more and more on the other
hand Absolutism stops that from happening.

way that absolutism is an efficient way of government is because people and
other government politicians aren’t obstacles. King James I expressed his ideas and said,
“Kings are not only gods lieutenants on earth but they sit on gods throne, but
even by God himself they are called god”
(Doc2). This evidence reveals that when the people see you as a noble high man
then they will fear you and will always carry out your orders. This would make
government flow better because the will give out your order. A great
philosopher by the name Machiavelli wrote a book called “The Prince” which is simply a book about the perfect
leader. He said in the book “A person wouldn’t hesitate to offend someone they
love than someone they fear, love is held by a bond that can be broken when the
person knows it’s a personal advantage. But fear is a bond if broken,
punishment will be sentenced, which lets the person fear you” (Doc 1). This
statement shows that when a person loves you he will not satisfy your needs but
when a person fears you he will do whatever you order him to do. This is
another reason why absolutism is more efficient because if you order the feared
one to do a job for you he will listen to but if it’s opposite he won’t do your
order and that ends up making government less efficient. These are all statements that would prove that when the
people know you not by your personality but by nobility and fearfulness then
they will listen to you and will give out your order this will make government
much easier and not let the workers as obstacles.

would be much better at decision making because there is one decision and it’s
up to the great leader and not the people that don’t understand politics. King
Louis XIV of France stated, “The king is
to decide and only the members of the government are only to carry out orders”
(Doc 3). This statement by King Louis XIV means that he was telling us that
there should be only one decision and members are told to carry them. Unlike democracy, the leader and the members must
agree and decided on one thing, which in human nature is almost impossible. King
James I believed in the divine right of
kings this is a belief that the kings are basically god’s representative and they
are only responsible to god. This would give kings unlimited power. This explanation
shows that a king has no limitations to his or her power. This would mean that
if a decision was made and someone disagrees with
the king this would mean that someone would be going against God, which is a sin. This means that there is
one decision by the king and everyone must obey that decision, also this would
show that government would be most efficient because there is one decision and
no can go against it.  These examples
would show that one decision is more efficient than
the whole nation deciding which would make government less efficient.

a leader gives man rights they want more and will do anything to get more of
it. Machiavelli wrote in his book the
prince, “We can all agree that man are
ungrateful, wicked, and jealous and will never avoid personal advantages” (Doc
1). This statement shows that man will always want more that will make them
have an advantage. If you don’t give the people ALL the rights then they will
respect that because if you do then they will fight and revolt for more. Absolutism
doesn’t allow for people to take more and cause violence. King Louis XIV of France
expressed his ideas and said, “the more
you give to the assembled people the more they want, but the state shall always
come first” (Doc 3).  This piece of evidence
unravels that when you give people something they want more and they will do
anything for more like killing you as a leader. That is why absolutism is a great
way to government
but is greater when a leader is smart and knows how to deal with efficiency and
knows how to handle the people.

is a great way of governing in the seventeenth and eighteenth century because of
when you are in an absolute government you aren’t interfered by the people because
you are a great leader this makes government much efficient, absolutism is also
efficient because there is one decision by the leader and not by the nation, unlike
democracy absolutism does not give the people more than what they need because if
you do they will revolt and cause corruption for more. Absolutism and democracy
are great ways of government but until
today we still don’t know an efficient perfect government in our society.  







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