Takara the bike is in your hands that

Takara Sugiyama Fixie Bike– The Flat Bar Fixed Gear Bicycle

The Takara Sugiyama is a bike with almost stands on a minimalist piece of art. It looks sleek, smooth and futuristic. It comes with eye-pleasing colors of the black and blue. Its flat handlebar and tires of 700ccx32-inch drag our eyes. The emblazoned pedals reflect ownership and they match with the color tone of other bikes. In short, the bike is a much prettier and good looking piece that attracts anybody at first sight.

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Some Special Features and Specification

Your transportation is just an extension of your life. So, a good bike means many things to your life. Fortunately, the Takara Sugiyama fixed gear bike offers you a hassle less riding experience without any problem. This is a simply stylish bike. It comes with so many features. Some of the attractive features are: 

High-performance wheel set

The wheel set of the Takara is fit for high performance walled 700-32c. These take you wherever you like to go. Its 700c tires have a high traction with low rolling resistance. Its leading treads offer silky-smooth and comfortable riding. It also keeps the smoothness on the off-road riding with more comfort and enjoy. Its firm, solid spokes and strong alloy rings endure the pressure of all terrain you run with it.

Experience a smooth, controlled and confident biking

The Takara Sugiyama affairs straightforward to set up which is made simple the size range, unless an extremely tall person, you’re can get such a bike getting fit well. The handlebar height in the stock setup is reasonably upright as well as comfortable having no so high, causing loss of pedaling effectiveness or nervous wobbles. It makes newer riding feeling with its some different and comfortable position and controlling effort on the road ahead.

Affordable style with Quality Bike with Cheap Price

The Takara Sugiyama fix gear bike is comparatively cheap in price that can make doubts about its quality. Most of its parts are selected from top quality components. The bike is made to spin-able, super light frame. The light on the bike is in your hands that are simple to maneuver during the riding of the tight curves. It’s comprised of brand components, including Wanda tires, Neca headset, Pro-Max brakes ad quality KMC chain. Its chain wheel is made of lightweight alloy for maneuverability and durability.

Reliable Components

This is a most affordable and quality bike in the market. It has many options to upgrade and customize it further for your most comfort.  Some cyclists like to use their stock tires more immediately. This model allows doing that with its quality Wanda tires. But, you can save some cash as the bike, afford itself with some upgrades.

Simple to Assemble for the Pure Riding Experience

Fixed gear bike calls their riding style for some good reasons. The Takara makes you feel the tires covered the road. There is no uncomfortable reason with this bike. The structure of the Paratrooper Pro is much more efficient. You can make it folded and disassembled within 30 seconds. There is an option to remove the front wheel using a patented CLIX system. It enables you unlock and then install the front wheel getting no extra adjustment the cam. Moreover, its quick release knob with a pin. You just have to pull up its lever and pin to fold the bike. 


The most vital thing about the Takara Sugiyama fixed gear bike is its full bicycle. There is nothing to dislike about the bike from installation to ride on the road. Its components are well enough. The bike is great-looking. Above all, a fixed gear bike, the Takara Sugiyama, under $300 is great.


Meta Description

Takara Sugiyama comes with flat bar fixed gear bike along with reliable components, high-performance wheel set

 and easy & simple assembling method. 


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