Surveillance different view. It is beyond watching through

    Surveillance usually refer to watch over or close monitoring of the actions of any individual. As David Lyon explains, surveillance can be understood broadly as the focused,systematic and routine attention to personal details for purpose of influence, management, protection or direction (Lyon 2007, p-14). Thus, more surveillance practices exert influence when one walks out of the door in a real world, how aware people are about how often they are tracked, watched and monitored? People are engaged routinely in surveillance in their everyday life. Employer keep an eye on it’s workers, police watch their surrounding, parents watch their children, security guard watch over institution or building, farmer watch over crops, even every person mostly teenager watch over other person’s profile,although they are not friend outside facebook. Nowadays surveillance took a different view. It is beyond watching through CCTV, tracking through phones or GPS. Big companies like walmart, shopper drug mart, safeway they are introducing new scheme program for customer known as loyalty card. Is it a customer benefited scheme or a way to imposing personal information to retailer  from customer?           Loyalty card program is reward based program to their regular customer by offering discount, special deals.once, i went to shopper drug mart with my friend to buy some stuff for daily use like facewash, perfume and when i went to cashier for billing she offer me optimum card usually plastic card with magnetic barcode containing unique number similar to credit and debit card. This card is offer to regular customer and they can redeem this card whenever they buy anything from shopper and get reward for it. She gave me a page to fill it up to apply for optimum card which contain personal information like name, birth date, address, phone number. I fill that up and gave back to them and get a card. I was not aware this little bit information can be used by that company for their own benefit until i read in marx paper. “In contrast to personal information of which………… often unaware”( Marx 2006,p-91). He clearly explained that it is like a medium through which the personal information is imposed from customer.          The company like walmart, superstore offer discount to collect personal data and then the customers are watched and studied in number of ways and purchases are recorded and analysed. The discount are value we are paying for imposing personal information. That personal data are used by company for their own benefit like to determine person’s capacity in shopping and as such marketers know how to target a customer based upon his or her spending habits. It sole purpose is to monitor transaction and over the time, information about customer behaviour is gathered through loyalty card. As a result directly or indirectly personal data is circulated between organization which they use for their own benefit through customer itself. Moreover, the store also stock shops according to customer demand and puts the stuff to discount which is more in use to increase their sale. “Another distinction is weather………become more prominent” (Marx 2006,p_14).For instance, i was working at walmart in summer vacation, walmart also offer walmart discount card through which then monitor their regular customer shopping activity. The product which is much in demand is ordered larger in quantity so that they don’t get out of stock and that stuff is kept in lanes on discount as then know this stuff is more in demand by regularly checking customers shopping behavior through Walmart cards.         In conclusion, loyalty card is not just a card it is like a password which allows retailers to compile customer purchase histories, information that become even more powerful when combined with information  from outside the store and they can now use this information for their own benefit in marketing through deals on e-mails, make keep customer coming back to the store and increase their sale.


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