Summary: This article explains concisely the contribution of ERP software in the real estate sector and how it is aiding the agencies in their property dealings. There has been a lot of transformations in the functioning of real-estate businesses in the last few years. In many areas, manual operations became online or cloud operations. Whatever be the case, the change was remarkable which lead the real estate market towards technological advancements. Most real estate businesses nowadays seek for software development companies for best-suited solutions of ERP to handle all the major processes involved in buying and selling of properties. ERP software brings in the most amazing concept of task automation, reducing the burden of work to a great extent. There are advanced computing systems integrated into the ERP system which meet up to any needs of the business on demand.  While advantages of integrating a software like ERP are manifold, here take a look on all of its propelling features that help real estate businesses in their property transactions and other operations. Data accessibility along with high data integrityWith the deployment of ERP solution, real-estate agencies gets immediate and instant access to any data any time they need for decision making. The dependence on other departments has reduced significantly. Crucial information like sales margin, stocks level, work status, delivery due dates and so forth are always assimilated in a centralised database and can be accessed by any agents within the businesses independently. Maintaining the data integrity is also a major advantage of using ERP software. It protects the integrity of every data by restricting any unauthorised data.Aids in Lease managementERP has separate module for lease management that helps in proper evaluation of lease requirements, occupancy/vacancy rates, demand-supply situations or any other assessments. It helps the real-estate businesses with timely alerts to keep check of tenancy and lease deposits. It seamlessly assists in rent management, property escalations and any renewals with all-the-round tenant intelligence tools. Causes efficient management of procurement and inventory By providing real-time integration between disparate sectors including finance, material resources, constructions and sales, the software gives absolute control to the real-estate agencies over the procurement and inventory. The software helps the businesses with resources requirement planning, purchase orders requirement, supplier lists maintenance and shipment tracking.Capital accounting and management


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