Strong a Salesman”, and a personal example of

  Strong Examples of a Negative RelationshipThere are many different relationships that are developed between people, but have you ever saw a couple and thought to yourself “They have a bad abusive relationship”. Always fighting with each other can never agree They always seemed very negative and sad to be with each other. Strong examples of negative relationships exist between ” Of Mice and Men”, “Death of a Salesman”, and a personal example of a real-life negative relationship.Back in the 1930s, once a woman is married to a man, the man now had the woman in his possession. So that means that all the woman’s items also became his including; money, clothes etc. Curley’s wife married Curley the day they meet, which can be seen as love at first sight or on the other hand a way to escape from her mom. The relationship between Curley and Curley’s wife is missing the communication, loving, the respect and caring for each other. Curley will be super protective of her and not want to lose her to ‘lower’ class with-in the ranch which in other words means he is paranoid.  majority of having a relationship includes trusting your partner. Curley does not trust his wife and thinks she will leave him. Even though Curley is despised by Curley’s wife, she will never leave him. Curley cares for his wife but is shown in an unexpected, unrespectful way. For example, when Curley is trying to find her he doesn’t want to rest but he will look and look for her until he succeeds. Curley has his wife locked up at home most of the time and one of his rules was to not leave the house. This means that this relationship is very controlling which can also play a negative role in a relationship. On Curley’s wife side of the relationship, Curley’s Wife is very flirtatious as she is the only woman no the ranch. While being stuck at home nothing to do and not allowed to leave she leaves anyways to talk to the other ranch members.Secondly, Some strong examples of negative relationship happen in my personal life. You can always tell if you have a bad relationship or if u had one.One way to tell that you are having a bad relationship with someone is when you and the opposite person are always going to different people for help instead of talking to each other.  This means that you are your partner are not close enough and means that you are obviously not the most important in the mind of him/her. Another way to tell if the relationship is negative is that the partner only wants you for one thing if that be money, drives to places, sex, jobs. You can very easily tell if your partner is using you. They just seem to ignore everything else you want to do to focus on that one thing they want from you. Like if your partner were to use you for driving he/she would always ask for drives to her friend’s house or drive her places almost 24/7 while hardly paying attention at all. The last way to you can tell if your relationship is negative is if you catch your partner lying. This trait tells you that your partner is either doing something bad behind your back or just always being untruthful which could be very sketchy. Those relationships are the worst and always are very negative.Lastly, Strong examples of a negative relationship exist in “Death of Salesman”Willy and Linda’s marriage is troubling to examine. In many ways, it reflects the stereotypical 1950s marriage, with Willy having a public life outside the home and the responsibility for earning money and supporting the family financially. Meanwhile, Linda’s place is in the home and her job is to shoulder the emotional support by raising the kids and taking on Willy’s emotional burdens. She is also expected to be completely loyal to her husband, a role she fulfills admirably. in a way, Linda acts as a mother to Willy just as much as she does to Happy and Biff. When she throws their sons out of the house for upsetting Willy, the audience sees just how far she takes her responsibility to care for him. Ironically though, her focus on keeping Willy calm and not upsetting him helps to seal his doom: even though Linda is worried about his suicide attempts and hears her sons’ anger and concerns, she fails to act for fear of upsetting Willy. She does nothing to prevent his eventual successful suicide and is, in fact, living in the same delusion that Willy has created for himself. This is most evident when she comments, surprised, at the low attendance of his funeral. Linda has been enabling Willy’s delusion about his own success because she has been living in it too.  


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