Storage cameras to deter and catch would-be trespassers.

Storage and Military DeploymentMilitary life is all about being on the move. Regardless of whether you’re relocating abroad or moving to a different base here at home, you are always on the road when you serve in the United States Armed Forces. For those service members in Cookstown, NJ who can’t take their stuff with them, self-storage units are the perfect option. Access Self Storage is here to breakdown the benefits of storing your extra belongings with us.4 Benefits of Access Military Storage1. Security FeaturesAccess self storage units have individually alarmed units available, which have special locks as an added security measure. That is not all, we also have surveillance cameras to deter and catch would-be trespassers. The pass codes for our tenants are required for access to the premises and their units therefore only authorized members can access our facility. With these measures, you shouldn’t worry about your belongings when you’re gone.2. Free Moving TruckImagine moving without a proper vehicle to haul all your belongings? That can be stressful and tiresome. You no longer have to worry about this issue because at Access, we provide a free moving truck when you store your belongings at our facility. Isn’t this convenient?kjh3. Different SizesAt Access, we have storage units ranging from as small as a locker to as large as a warehouse. It doesn’t matter the size of your belongings because we have a unit suitable for your needs.Does this sound familiar? At the end of the spring semester one year in college, my friends and I complained about having to lug all of our stuff home, have it clutter up the corner of our rooms and then having to lug it all back in the fall. We all realized this was crazy. So I found a self-storage center close to school, and (being the guy in the group) I hauled everyone’s stuff to the units. Since we were all sharing a unit I ended up making lots of trips and I got to know everyone who worked there as well, that one day they offered me a part time job. Being in college and constantly low on funds, of course I jumped at the chance. Even though I was dirty and sweaty from moving, I was interviewed and hired on the spot. I have been with the company every since. As your semester winds down, self-storage might be a smart option for you. (Although I can’t say you’d get a career out of it, like I did!) It can take a lot of logistical stress off your mind, keep your parents from complaining about your room (after taking perfectly good care of yourself all year, do you really want to hear that?) and get your year-end task list checked off.4. Amazing ratesWe understand the service and sacrifice the military makes for our country. Therefore, there are amazing special discounts for military storage. Access guarantees the same rate for 12 months. Do not expect any sudden increments as you begin storing with us. The discounts vary in size; call (609) 758-3222 for more information.Military Storage Units at Accesshjgj jhjgAccess Self Storage would like to thank every service member in Cookstown, NJ and across the world for your selfless services while protecting our country and our freedom. If you need a place to store your belongings during your deployment, contact us for a perfect storage unit. Your belongings are safe with us until you return.