STATEMENT marks in both Mathematics and General



Admissions: California State University, Eastbay, California, USA

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Program: M.S. in Computer Science

I have been inspired by the effortlessness that Information Technology has rendered in the life of human beings. This coupled with the ability to simplify complex tasks inspired me to take up Computer Science during my undergraduate studies. The intellectual aptitude to attempt to resolve a problem with the right combination of analysis and logic has sustained me in progressing towards my goal. I have always been eager to work to upon and solve complex industrial situations and mounting challenges that require innovative solutions. In order to enhance these solutions up to excellence and render service to society I would like to pursue my quest for excellence in learning and research through an M.S. program in Computer Science.

I have always exhibited a keen interest in Mathematics and Science during my entire school education and thus have greatly enhanced my analytical and quantitative skills. Under the instruction of exceptional teachers, advanced lab facilities and the guidance of my brother-in-law (a Computer Science Professional) I consistently rank among the top 3 students in school. I scored 100% marks in both Mathematics and General Sciences in my 10th grade final exams with 9.0cgpa and 99.34% marks in Mathematics and 96.67% marks in Physics subjects in my 12th grade final exams with 95.5% as overall score. Later on I passed my GRE exams with fairly good overall scores of 292(Verbal: 135; Quantitative: 157 and Analytical Writing: 3.0).

Owing to my sharp analytical and logical skills, coupled with my zeal to become an Engineer and my heartfelt desire to solve real world problems, I chose to pursue Computer Science Engineering for my undergraduate studies. The curriculum of the BTech program introduced me to several subjects that I found very interesting. The courses on formal language automata theory, coding languages like C, C++, Java and Big Data analysis, enhanced my thirst for in-depth knowledge in Computer Science through a master’s program.

I led a team of 5 students, while working on two projects during undergraduate studies on “Faculty Management System” and “Automatic Question Paper Generation System” respectively. Being the project lead, for both projects, I assigned different tasks to my team mates and I personally undertook the task of coding for both the applications. These projects enabled me to hone my communication, leadership, team work and presentation skills along with my coding skills.


I have also worked on a project on “mobile app development” for the Department of skill development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Andhra Pradesh state skill development corporation (11th May, 2016 to 28th May, 2016). And also presently working on Google Android Basics Workshop phase-1.(5th Jan, 2018 to 8thJjan, 2018). I have also certified on python language from Swecha Group Tech days (3rd Sep,2017 to 24th Sep,2017).

While classroom studies strengthened my subject knowledge, seminars, workshops, internship programs and certification courses presented me with a hands-on practical industrial experience that enabled me to hone my technical skills in C-programming, Java, Python, .NET and Android and also kept me updated with the latest developments in technology.

In addition to coping up with the strictness of a heavy academic program I spent some of my spare time for participating in several activities outside the classroom related to sports, games as well as cultural and rural welfare awareness programs that helped me to strengthen my leadership, organizational and communication skills and enhanced my personality. I have also won several honors and awards for excellence in academics, sports, games and competitions. I led a team of 9 members during the inter-school Kho-Kho competitions in 2011; Won the 3rd prize in badminton tournament conducted by Rotary club Andhra Pradesh in 2014; I led my team of students to win a 2nd prize in Kabaddi during the cultural completions in college in 2016.

I have successfully completed the BTech in Computer Science Program with and overall score of 73% (equivalent to 8.05cgpa) till 3year and hope to secure even higher scores during my graduate studies. The academic knowledge and practical internship experience that I have acquired during my undergraduate studies has given me a strong foundation to pursue higher studies in Computer Science and has certainly increased my resolve for in-depth as well as broad understanding of the subject through a master’s program.

My immediate goal is to excel during my graduate studies and after sufficient experience as a professional in the field I aspire to establish my own company and provide suitable innovative solutions to industrial problems and ultimately benefit society on the whole.

I intend to pursue higher learning through research in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, gain profound knowledge in the theory and practice of computer science and also enhance my coding skills through the M.S. in Computer Science program at the California State University.  The exceptional course curriculum exactly suits my purpose as will enable me to achieve my goals with the help of a committed supporting faculty, bright peers, and global and open alumni community.

 Yashwanth Sai  


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