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Ever since high school, I have been observing technology revolution in Computer Science which is drastically changing our lives and unquestionably redefining what it means to be human. Ever since high school, I have been keenly interested in Computers. Although my parents initially wanted me to do Civil engineering, I have enjoyed dip into computers and experimenting with different applications, over the time my parents accepted our differences in opinion and allowed me to pursue my interest in Computers. I am very excited at the prospect of devoting my long-term career to such a dynamic, fast advancing field.

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Once I completed my secondary education, I began to explore all the available options to pursue my career in Computers. Out of all the options that I came across, I decided to choose the course of the four-year Bachelor of Technology (B.TECH.) degree program in Information Technology at the prestigious Jaypee University of Information Technology, India. The four years curriculum exposed me to the complete spectrum of computer courses thus laying a strong foundation of Software Fundamentals. My main areas of interest were Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures, J2EE technology, Network Security Cryptographic Techniques and Total Quality Management.

Early in my undergraduate study, I was introduced to basic programming languages of C, C++, and Java. I understood the key features of each language and realized that one was an improvement over the other. Java is the most powerful and robust language of all fascinated me the most. To further supplement my knowledge in this field I have also attended various training, major workshops also several coding competitions. During the second year of my undergraduate studies, I got selected for the internship at IIT Mandi which had a major influence on me as I got the opportunity to meet and interact with many notable professors and researchers from my country who were working in latest technology in IT field. This motivated me and expanded my enthusiasm to code more intuitively. I developed an application to help specially abled person. Along with studies, I have been involved in sports activities, I play all kind of sports cricket, table tennis and badminton are my favorites, and two times I have been selected for national level skit-competition.

During the fourth year of my undergraduate studies I cracked interviews of two IT based MNC company, Cognizant and Infosys. I choose Infosys. Currently, I have been working in Infosys for nearly 2 years. I got recruited as a java developer and worked for CISCO us client. My first project was to develop REST API with Java (JAX-RS) which generate important files for Cisco products like CUCM, PCP, CUC etc. I observed that programming in college is significantly different than application development in the corporate world, experience with clients is something which was really informative and quite different. I came to know more about hardware and servers, the exposure which was absent in college days. I learned about the importance of teamwork, work ethics and the challenges in the professional field.  I got my expertise in Java technology.

The first year of the job has been challenging and full of learning. After first project, I have been asked if I want to continue working in Java or work in different technology. I thought of this as a golden opportunity to increase my skill set. Currently, I am working on the same project. Application UI is in Angular.js and backend in Node.js and MongoDB for the database. These three are the latest and trending technology in IT industry. Before this project I had very less exposure in UI and to learn new technology I had very limited time, I am glad I opted for the new project and able to learn quickly and efficiently.

Having acquired a solid foundation in the field of computer science through a rigorous undergraduate program, and my job in the IT industry, at this point, I feel that it is the right time to take up graduate studies. I wish to raise my understanding of the nuances of the Computer Science field and use this knowledge to further my chances for a lucrative career in Software. With a keen interest in working on the latest technologies and in-depth knowledge of other core computer science subjects, I seek to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities in the field of social media which allows the combination of these technologies with one’s creative instincts.

I had my studies in English from kindergarten till Bachelor of Technology at JUIT. I proficiently understanding and communications with my US clients and I am able to do all paperwork in English. These credentials can be verified by detailed mark sheets of high school and senior secondary school.

The MS program in Computer Science offered by the University XXX will undoubtedly provide me with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to pursue that dream and exploit the opportunities to the fullest extent. The practical orientation of your in-depth coursework will allow me to not only acquire a clear understanding of the subject but also the skills to execute it. I am confident my exposure to such initiatives would quite augment my knowledge base and add tremendous value in enabling me to realize my professional goals


Sincerely hope that by associating with your University, I will be able to lead in Computer Science research and education that has real-world impact. I hope that this statement of purpose will merit me a place in your institution



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