Statement performance helped me in being selected in

Statement of Purpose

day I was tracking my order in Amazon, Earlier I used to just order what I need
and log out my account, never bothered about how it internally functions
whenever I search for a product out of thousands that are present. But that day
I started to dig deeper to understand how the huge amount of data is refined
through the search based on optimization techniques. After a lot of research on
Search Engine Optimization, I was intrigued and fascinated by it and it has
bolstered my fascination towards Analytics.

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from my school days, having great passion towards mathematics I opted for
mathematics as major during my Intermediate Education and secured 96.8%. Later
this led me to enroll in Bachelor of Engineering, Chaitanya Bharathi Institute
of Technology, Osmania University, Hyderabad, 2011. All through my academic
career, I have consistently secured 77% or more. This consistent performance
helped me in being selected in Tech Mahindra’s campus recruitment drive in

in November 2015 I have joined in Tech Mahindra Ltd., as Associate Software
Engineer. My association with the organization has given me immense exposure to
working on realistic problems. Working on project to develop a web application
to Insurance based company has played a crucial role in my learning career. I
have worked on the end to end flow right from submitting an application for Insurance
(Life, Term, Savings and Funeral Plans) to Maturity of the plan and
disbursements after maturity in case of Term & Savings and in case of death
for Life and Funeral. If an employee from the Insurance Company logs in he is
shown a different web page and if a Insured person who has applied for
insurance logs in he is shown with a different page which include information
about his selected plan. A strong command on XML, Java along with query
construction has enabled me in achieving this. . It required me to draw analytical
conclusions based on the use-cases provided to decide on the query structure.
My interest on mathematics could be reflected in analyzing few complex
algorithms prior to coming up with new alternatives.

started relating features in existing technology to that of Data Science. For
instance, Amazon users can see the products based on their frequent searches on
the dashboard, this feature is user dependent or LinkedIn has added then new
feature of ‘People you may know’ or ‘People who viewed your profile’. Segregating the required
information from the huge amounts of data using statistical methods is critical
to organizations; the role of a data scientist in such tasks is indispensable. Even
after having imbibed more than a year of industry experience at work, when I
was getting exposed to the operation of Business Intelligence and Big Data
domain, I realized the complexity in the real-time problems faced in operation
of big data demanded a comprehensive understanding of the domain. This is when I
realized the need to pursue MS in Data Science to understand these complex
concepts in depth. Hence, I am applying to MS program in San Jose State
University, San Jose with the aim of specializing in Data Science. When I was
going through the prospective coursework of master’s in Software Engineering at
San Jose State University, I felt it is a right match to my academic needs at
present. The core specializations like Cloud Computing and Virtualization,
Enterprise Software Technologies, Software Systems Engineering and Networking
Software seemed to be exactly the areas which I am interested in. Furthermore, I
figured that Professor Jerry Zeyu Gao has research interests in Cloud
Computing, Software Engineering, Test Automation, Mobile Computing and Cloud
Services intrigued me. Looking forward to work under him.

MS, I would like to work for companies like Amazon, LinkedIn, Uber, Facebook as
a data scientist where I can Understand business problems, translate them into
quantitative models, and choose the best applicable statistical and analytical
tools to drive a solution.  Later on, I
would like to take up a self-initiated research using the experience, knowledge
and technology learned over the years to develop a user friendly and an
affordable solution that can cater to the needs of small scale business vendors.
These I intend to do by helping the vendors get a holistic picture of their
business which in turn will aid in channelizing their investment in a
profitable manner.

Other than my academic and professional career, I have taken
a good interest in different extracurricular activities. Associated with an NGO
named Aashayein 
Foundation Hyderabad which aims in educating children and
providing  them  necessary items like clothes, books  and medical support. Also, I worked as the technical
coordinator for the National Level Technical Symposium, Electret. Moreover, I
was part of the executive committee of the Toastmaster’s International club in
the college, this platform has been the driving cause behind the ebullience
that I have developed while encouraging students to join the club. Has
published a paper on Harmonic Mitigation Using Hybrid Filters in IJIREEICE (International Journal of  Innovative Research in Electrical,
Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering) in July 2015.


believe my skills and qualities as an individual would add to the variegated
and intellectually stimulating student community at San Jose State University and
I am looking forward to be accepted as a Graduate under your University.




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