Starring this historic masterpiece as it touches the

Starring Colin Firth who
played the role of King George VI, “The King’s Speech” is a story about a man who
is forced to speak before the world with his fear of public speaking, as he
stammers. This man was not expecting to be King as he was second in line to the
throne. However, his brother gave up the crown as he wanted to marry the woman he
loves, a divorcee. The duty then fell on stammering Prince Albert, whose wife,
Elizabeth, played by Helena Bonham Carter was by his side to help him overcome
his problem. It was not easy for the prince to face a microphone knowing that
the entire British Empire will be listening his speech. When the prince gave up
hopes, his wife persuaded him to meet a speech therapist, Lionel Logue, played
by Geoffrey Rush. In 1939, when Britain was entering into war with Germany, the
people wanted to hear a firm, encouraging speech and not a speech filled with
deafening silence. However, the question is, was the prince, who was then the
King, able to deliver such a speech? Was he able to overcome his fear that was
holding him back?

            In general, this movie portrays the struggle one has to
face to overcome his inabilities. Despite not wanting to be King, Prince Albert
had to take up the throne although he does not have the communicating skills of
a leader. His wife however, was determined to look for a cure for her husband.
For example, she met Lionel Logue, who lived a life far different from the
royal life. The understanding between the prince and the therapist also built
friendship between them, which is an important element to emphasise today. For
example, the prince respected the rules of the therapist when he was in rehab
as he did not smoke and did not force the therapist to call him “Your Highness”.
The prince, when he became the King, also did not show egoism in saying ‘sorry’
to the therapist after a conflict between them. In my opinion, this element is
necessary to be highlighted in this movie as it shows that friendship is beyond
worldly fame and beyond differences in lifestyles.  

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            The director has done a great job in directing this historic
masterpiece as it touches the heart of the viewers. No doubt, the director has
achieved his purpose as the message he wanted to convey is obvious and well
delivered. The message I got from this movie is that no matter who you are, you
have to work hard to overcome your inabilities and only then will you be able
to progress. The storyline is cleverly written. Besides that, the actors have
done a marvellous job in this film. Colin Firth, a stammering prince and King,
is the best fit for this role. He was able to show the pain in stammering
perfectly and his expressions were good. As for Geoffrey Rush, he played Lionel
Logue quite well as he was able to bring in humour and a great sense of
responsibility as a therapist. He also carried his role as a common man
perfectly as he had the best of both worlds. As for Helena Bonham Carter, she
executed the role of Elizabeth quite well as her body language was that of a
queen’s and her personality showed compassion for her husband. These actors have
contributed to the positive remarks on this movie and they are indeed the best
for their roles.

            Moving on to the cinematography, the cinematographer has
done a brilliant job in the shots. The actors and the scenes are well framed
while the transition from one scene to another is unnoticeable. The storyline
has a right pace and is about 1 hour and 58 minutes long. The quality of this
movie is good as it does not have any interference and overlapping issues.
Apart from that, the scenery of this movie is remarkable. It perfectly shows
the time and the season of an event. It also shows a glimpse of antique objects
such as the gramophone and old radios. As for the soundtrack, it is
understandable but not very clear. At some points, the sound will be very low
and the dialogues can barely be heard but the acting corresponds to what is
being said. However, the tone and accent of the actors is just right. The
language used is also simple yet elegant except for a few parts where the
prince uttered some cuss words. Besides that, the language is an example of a
good screen writing.

            In conclusion, I would rate this movie 4.5 out of 5.0 as
there is room for improvement. Personally, I love this movie because it does
not just allow me to question myself but it also answers my questions at the
end of the movie. It is indeed an interesting and motivational movie to watch with
family and friends. I would definitely recommend this movie to teenagers and
adults as it may change the way they see life. The struggle, determination,
compassion and friendship shown in this movie is the most important thing we
should know about as in the long run, these values are going to be our strength
and all other materialistic elements are going to be our weaknesses. If you
don’t need lots of action or special effects in your film this will be a good
pick for you. All in all, apart from the sound quality, this movie deserves a
standing ovation.