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There are so many Canadian nationalities with families and loved ones abroad that they would love to live with in Canada. The experts at Canadapt can bring you together with your family and live permanently and happily in Canada. Canada is known to be the origin of foreign immigration and among the nations with the most diverse culture. Our team do offer excellent services in sponsoring your family through various options in the sponsorship program.

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The government of Canada does offer several ways to make the dream come true with the Family Class Sponsorship class. Experts assert that under the developed countries, Canada offers the most generous family reunion programs. Canada federal values family togetherness as much as possible. Relationships are eligible for the Family Class Sponsorship in several ways. They include parents and grandparents, common-law partners and spouses, dependent kids. Some provincial family class programs do deal with other potential relationships. Also, we do offer another program – super visa program, that deals with parents and grandparents.

What is the appropriate Family Class Sponsorship program?

Parents and grandparents coming to Canada.

Canadapt offers you various pathways to reunite with your parent or grandparent. Canadian parents and grandparents’ sponsorship programs entails a yearly limit on the amount of approved applications. If the limit is reached, you can opt for the Super Visa Program. The super visa program does bring in your parents and grandparents on the extended multi-entry visas. The visa does have an expiry period of up to ten years.

Spouse or common-law partner coming to Canada

The alternatives available to bringing a spouse to Canada should be chosen with care. Canadapt experts will assist you through the application process. There are groups of federal spousal sponsorship, including outland and inland. The groups do have advantages and disadvantages. Also, ensure that you and your partner meet the points in the criteria.

Dependent children coming to Canada

Children of persons with Canadian citizenship living in a foreign land are brought in through the Canadian dependent child sponsorship program. Also, check with Canadapt experts to ensure that your child meets the required criteria. 


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