Spirits the living for longer periods of time?

and Spiritual Energy

and spirits.Rightfully scared of the topicImportance of the
topicSpirits can be terrifying and maliciousIt is
paramount that you understand that otherworldly spiritual beings do
not fully exist in the mortal realm. That is to say, without the aid
of some outside force they do not have a truly corporeal form. This
of course provides us a most distinct advantage over them when
dealing with them in our realm.
may have noticed from your travels in the lands that spirits both
good and bad, don’t often wander around freely. The reason for this
is that spirits exist on in separate realms than we mortals do. A
spirit existing in the mortal realm is almost always
of it like swimming. Here in the mortal realm we can dive down into
the water and hold our breath for quite some time. While we’re
swimming we can make a mess of things, or simply observe our
surroundings. Before long though, we run out of air and need to come
back to “our world” on the surface. The same same applies
spirits. They can “hold their breath” and come into our
world for a time, but they can’t stay for too long.The
exception comes in a similar way as swimming. We with the help of
certain tools or magic can greatly increase the time we spend under
water. As we can, so can a spirit stay on our plane of existence if
they have a way of doing so. So what is the “tool” that
spirits would then use to allow themselves to stay among the living
for longer periods of time? The answer is, Energy. Typically not just
any such energy, but Spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is the
essence of which all living things are made, their “souls” if you
will. However in dire situations spirits have been known to drain
heat, and light among other sources if no other is available. It is
important to note that comparing spiritual energy to others like fire
or electricity is akin to comparing the sun with a candle. Both may
keep you warm, but they’re still not even close in terms of strength
and range.Spirits like to gather spiritual energies in many
different ways. Some will gather up just enough elemental energies to
lash out into the mortal realm, usually to latch on to a mortal coil.
It is then that they will begin to drain away at that mortals very
soul. Such acts usually present as possessions or deathly illness,
but can range to small unidentified wounds and mystery bruises.When
such things occur it falls to we Shaman to take action, be it for
the good of the community or our own selfish desires. Often it is
possible to perform our ancient rites and rituals in the mortal realm
and successfully drive away or otherwise deal with such beings, but
every so often it becomes necessary for us to travel to “their”
realm to deal with to in order for us to strike out and deal with
particularly troublesome spirits. The
key thing to know in keeping unwanted spirits from affecting you is
to learn how to control your spiritual energy. By keeping your mind
and body, calm and focused you can shield your energies from being
manipulated. Likewise a spirit may also be cold, calculating and
patient, waiting for that single moment when you faulter that it
might drain your energies without even needing to cross the realms.
While in the spiritual realms you may also need to aid others in
calming their spiritual energies which would cause a malicious spirit
to be effectively suffocated, just like a swimmer with little to no
air. No matter what techniques you use to do this, it is vital to
remember that controlling your energy is the key to gaining advantage
over the spirits.

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