Soldier of Fortune – Compatibility Notes

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A. Important 3D card information. -READ FIRST!!!-
1. Determining your video card driver version.

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2. Video Card chipsets that are not supported in this release.

5. Links to Manufacturer and Chipset web sites.

D. An Important Note on the Parental Lock feature.

This version of Soldier of Fortune is a limited release specifically for use with the Razer Mouse.
Throughout extensive QA testing, it has become apparent that a number 3d accelerated video cards
will not function correctly unless you update your video card driver. Even though you might have
the latest driver supplied by your Video Card manufacturer, you still may not be able to run
Soldier of Fortune. If you run into problems with your current video card driver, you will need to
download what are called “Reference Drivers.” These drivers are supplied by the company that made
the chipset for your video card, for example: nVidia or 3dfx.
PLEASE BE AWARE that Activision Customer Support does not answer questions regarding installation
and un-installation of reference drivers. Please refer to the “Readme.txt” or “Help Guide”
**Note**: Installing Soldier of Fortune will install the latest version of DirectX (7.0), which
contains the DirectX Diagnostics Utility (dxdiag). This utility will determine the current driver
version of your 3d accelerated cards.

1. In order to determine the video card driver version that you are currently running, do the following:
-Click on “Start” on the Windows taskbar.

You will then see a window pop-up with several “Tabs.” Look for the “Display” tab. Users with two video
cards will see two “Display” tabs. If you are using a primary (2d/3d) card you want to look for the
“Display 1” tab. If you are using a Voodoo1 or Voodoo2, you are looking for “Display 2” tab. Look the
“VERSION” number in the “Drivers” section which is located on the right side of the window. It may be
wise to write this number down so that you do not lose track.

2. Video Card chipsets that are not supported in this release:
ATI Rage Pro (NOTE- The current ATI drivers tested with SOF– (5/28/99, 6/1/99, 6/16/99)–
do not function with this product. ATI is working on a new Rage Pro driver that works
with SOF. Be sure to check for updated drivers.)
GLSetup is a program that will detect your 3D graphics card and install the matching OpenGL drivers.
GLSetup is available for download at:
GLSetup currently includes drivers for the following chipsets:
3Dfx Voodoo, Voodoo2, Voodoo Rush, Banshee, and Voodoo3
nVidia Riva 128/128ZX, Riva TNT/TNT2, GeForce 256 (NV10)
NOTE: All the chipsets supported by GLSetup may not be supported for Soldier of Fortune –
Razer Mouse OEM Edition. If you decide to use the GLSetup utility, be sure to thoroughly
read the GLSetup readme file for all known issues.

At the date of this document’s creation, these were the video cards that were tested and driver
NOTE: This is a partial list based on the hardware available to us at the time of testing.
This information is subject to change as new cards are released. Driver version information is
subject to change as drivers are updated. PLEASE BE AWARE that Activision Customer Support does
not answer questions regarding installation and un-installation of reference drivers. Please refer
to the “Readme.txt” or “Help Guide” included with the reference driver.

Video CardChipsetManufacturer Driver version Reference Driver version
———————————————- ————————
3dfx Voodoo3 (ALL)Voodoo3 (Works!)Same as Manufacturer Driver
3dfx V2 1000 PCI*Voodoo 2* (Recommended)Same as Manufacturer Driver
Canopus Pure 3DVoodoo Graphics4.10.01.0015 (Not Recommended) (Recommended)
Canopus Pure 3D II*Voodoo 2* (Not Recommended) (Recommended)
ATI Rage 128 (All)Rage 1284.11.01.6114 (Works!) (Recommended)
Creative 3D Blaster Banshee3dfx Banshee4.10.01.0110 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
Creative Riva TNTnVidia TNT4.11.01.2111 (Works!) (Recommended)
Creative Riva TNT2nVidia TNT24.11.01.2111 (Works!) (Recommended)
Creative Riva TNT2 UltranVidia TNT2 Ultra4.11.01.2111 (Works!) (Recommended)
Diamond Monster 3DVoodoo Graphics4.10.01.0013 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
Diamond Monster 3D II*Voodoo 2* (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
Diamond Monster Fusion3dfx Banshee4.10.01.0213 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
Diamond Stealth II G460Intel i7404.10.01.1346 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
Diamond Stealth III S540S3 Savage44.11.01.0204 (Not Recommended) (Recommended)
Diamond Viper V330nVidia Riva 1284.10.01.0279 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
Diamond Viper V770nVidia TNT24.11.01.0402 (Works!) (Recommended)
Diamond Viper V770 Ultra nVidia TNT24.11.01.0402 (Works!) (Recommended)
ELSA Erazor III nVidia TNT24.11.01.0200 (Works!) (Recommended)
Hercules Dynamite TNTnVidia TNT4.11.01.0208 (Works!) (Works!)
Hercules Terminator BeastS3 Savage3D4.11.01.4005 (Some issues) (Recommended)
Intergraph Intense 3D VoodooVoodoo Rush4.10.01.2072 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
Matrox G200 (All)Matrox G2004.11.01.2300 (Recommended)Same as Manufacturer Driver
Matrox G400 (ALL)Matrox G4004.11.01.1300 (Recommended)Same as Manufacturer Driver
STB Velocity 128nVidia Riva 1284.10.01.0182 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
STB Velocity 4400nVidia TNT24.10.01.0160 (Doesn’t work) (Recommended)
* NOTE TO VOODOO 2 USERS: Voodoo2 cards (8mb or 12mb) only support a maximum GL resolution of 800×600.
To support 1024×768 you will need two VOODOO 2’s in SLI mode.

5. Links to Manufacturer and Chipset web sites:
This list of links will provide you with the option to download necessary driver files for your 3d video card.

Chipsets – Voodoo Graphics, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo 2, Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo 3


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