Social they just comment negative comments for the

Social Media can bring around risks and issues, as
the world is becoming evermore developed and people are getting to know the
weaknesses of social media.

businesses can have their social media page set to open on Facebook for
example. This can bring about many risks and issues as:

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•Random people from anywhere in the world
can comment on your page, possibly making your page have a bad appearance to
other interested consumer. These people are people who are not actually
interested in your business, they just comment negative comments for the sake
of it. They can post negative reviews about your business which can really
bring your business down. The overall ratings will go down because
negative comments on social media websites can damage the businesses

•Furthermore, another issue is the time
that needs to be used when managing a social media webpage. This could mean
that companies could be using valuable time when on their social media.
Interaction with customers is important but at the same time businesses
shouldn’t be spending too much time on their social media. Businesses should be
posting 2-3 times a day if they want to keep their customers interested and
active on their page. There would have to be return on time investment in order
for the business to succeed. The return on time investment wouldn’t be good
enough as businesses would not need have enough time to actually manage their
business. This is because they would be a small company therefore meaning they
would not have enough staff to manage both social media and the other aspects
of the business. If they were to create a social media page then they would not
have enough time to keep consistent as they would be busier some days than
others. Although they could limit their selves to posting 1-2 times a day so
they don’t have as much pressure on keeping consistent, as customers who follow
the page will expect the same amount of high quality posts.

•Another risk of using social media when
being a small business could be the unforeseen consequences of posted content.
Examples follow as:

ü Once content is posted onto a social
media page you are at risk of certain laws such as copyright and even
plagiarism if you were to copy some news or info that someone else has
originally created.                           


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