Smart ventilation, access control and security systems,

Smart BuildingsA commercial smart building is comprised of a set of technologies that are applied towards the control and automation of intelligent structures not intended for housing, such as offices, HQs, hotels, shopping centres, schools, universities, hospitals and all tertiary-type buildings. Smart Buildings provide efficient management of the energy consumed, provide security, comfort, and optimal communication between the user (building managers and tenants) and the control system.The AdvantagesAs companies become ‘smarter’ productivity increases by contributing to higher labour yields, both in quality and quantity. The expert design and installation by ASG of automates systems which integrate lighting systems, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, access control and security systems, and entertainment/AV systems offer advantages in the energy efficiency for companies and, therefore, to their profitability indexes.Essentially, automatic energy control is essential in these types of tertiary traditional buildings due to the waste of energy that they usually produce. To provide energy efficiency the integrated Building Automation Control Systems (BACS) expertly regulate, supervise, optimise and offer corrective and preventive measures when necessary. The automation of buildings, through our products, services and solutions, facilitate the management of the property, reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort and convenience.By applying energy efficiency parameter, BACS can substantially facilitate day-to-day operation. Smart buildings open a window to significant savings in the management of electricity services, among many others. For example, offices use a significant amount of electricity and water to provide services to their tenants. The bill for these services is a high cost for any company, and depending on the type of establishment, can be the second or third most important item on their building maintenance bills.Smart CitiesSmart Cities are defined as the grouping of urban public facilities and services that are systematised in order to achieve a better administration in the energy, security, and welfare of the city and its people.The concept of the development of integrated intelligent systems at the urban level – a Smart City – demands a revolution of the norms and standard logic behind the intervention in the public sector. The use of new technologies in the field of urban planning and the management of the territory involves a radical change in the thought and strategies going forward. It is not only about integrating automation to the management and control of the city but of a radical rethinking that starts from the analysis, the projection, the execution, commissioning and evaluation of the entire process and order within the city. Smart Buildings are a fundamental necessity of the development of Smart Cities. For instance, once a network of automated systems are in place, it is then possible to capture information from the environment through cameras and sensors. Then to process and analyse that information to make decisions and subsequently execute the corresponding actions, optimising resources and increasing the efficiency in energy consumption overall.Smart Cities go beyond the automation of services and public facilities, it is vital for all these systems to be integrated, so that everyone speaks the same “language”, with the same communication protocol, so that they can easily exchange information and thus allow, for example, the information captured by a security system camera to be used by the traffic management system or by the public lighting management system to perform a specific action. In this sense, Smart Homes and Building must also be integrated into this automation network in order to exchange information with the city’s inhabitants (residents and tenants) as they are the principal actors, they are the heart of a city.With more companies, organisations and homes adopting automation the advantages multiply. There is no doubt that a future filled with technological innovations awaits us. Not only are we creating Smart Home and Buildings, but also Smart Cities. which promises a more efficient, sustainable and overall brighter future for Australia, spearheaded by Australian Smart Group.


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