Skype illustrated by various researches. The concept E-

Skype is a freely oparated
communication tool which is capable of conecting many smart devices over the
internet (Pitta, 2005). Over three
hudred millions of personals use this service proves its easy accesses and user
frendlyness (Statista, 2017). Nevertheless
computer litaracy and information communication education leads many people to
connect each other over the internet. In the Sri Lankan context, majority of
youth have higher computer litaracy (Department of Census and Statistics, 2013). Futhermore,
Sri Lankan extension services still use the televetion brodcasting of
agricultural matters. They are not addapted to use Skype or other socal media
for transmiting agricultural matters yet. However, the social media can play a
huge role for transmitting information in an individual manner to a wide range
of community. Table 1 shows key concepts illustrated by various researches. The
concept E- Agriculture can easily be implemented to the agricultural scheme
with possitive attitudes of the youth. Since the Skype is more compatible
electronic softwere wchich is powered by Microsoft Company with no credit
requrement, it can be used as the medium for agriculture extension as it is
good coominication tool (Jaya, 2008). There are many
government agriculture and related bodies responsible for agricultural
extention and many privet organizations. For intense,  Department of Agriculture, Animal Production
and health, National Livestock Development Board, National meteriological
depatmant and so on. However it encounters various cost and difficalties for
deffusing information on the real time using the traditional technichs. The
Skype can make a video  conferencing
between each organization can connect them quckly. These will also genarate a
space for making tutaring and demonstrations well. In addition, not only these
bodies, but also many agricultural companies require well talented personals to
be gathered to their company so called recruitment. The traditional recruitment
is conducted a white couler man in front of the interviewers can only recognize
what the candidate carries with the file, The Skype can facilitate  to see what the candidate does in real time
at the present working place especially  for recherché works (Deakin & Wakefield, 2014; Hanna, 2012). On the other
hand, many international recutement can easily be conducted over the Skype. Furthermore,
information can be obtained from many internatioanl agricultural means as global
context. This will enriches remorte agiculural commimity’s knowlage and they
will expose to ask for novel tecnology to get their fields. Furthermore,
farmers face marketing their produces after once set of harvesting caused by
non undestanding about the markt behaviour. Then the Skype can be source to
communicate and finds the market. In general, this can manipulate and arrange
the product, form and place utilities well.