Skin for flexibility Ø Petroleum and KY jelly

Skin capability checks: Patch test

To do the patch test
you first need to cleanse the area, and apply each product to the area with a
cotton bud Apply the substance to the side of the neck as it is a good
starting point for true compatibility as it is thinner and generally more
reactive. Allow
it to dry and leave on for minimum of 24 hours, if the client can
tolerate it on his/her neck then they can feel confident that it will be okay
on their face. After a few minutes if they encounter a negative reaction such
as an itchy, red rash they are having a negative reaction to the product. Then immediately
the product with damp cotton wool.

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the products:

Products and their uses:

Glycerine – for shine, tears or to mix with
gelatine for flexibility

and KY jelly – for blisters and oozing or shiny effects

stick – menthol stick to help produce tears

Spray bottles – for water and glycerine mix to
simulate perspiration

dropper – for placing tears and blood

 Sealer –
hardens wax products and seals edges

gum/mastix adhesives and appropriate remover


 Hair pins
– for adding colour by dotting and dragging

cotton – for simulating stitches

tools – for sculpting wounds, creating scratches and texture

sponges – for texture and creating grazes

Tooth enamel – for creating missing, chipped and
rotten teeth and bleeding gums: available in black, nicotine, white, ivory, red
and gold

Barrier cream – helps to protect the skin – find
one that is not greasy.

When applying the products the client needs to be in a tall
chair/stool, so their face is apex to (Neck level to the artist), with a good
light source directed to them. Depending on whether the artist is left or right
handed, the table with the products can be on either side.

Professional appearance:

Ø  clean
professional uniform

Ø  no
jewellery or piercings, in addition

Ø  All
hair should be tied back.

Ø  closed in footwear

Ø  Nails (good condition and

Ø  personal
and oral hygiene (must
cover cuts and abrasions)



Professional ethical

Ø  Polite, cheerful and
friendly manner (friendly facial expressions, positive attitude, eye contact,
open body language)

Ø  avoid gossip,

Ø  take pride in work,

Ø  punctuality

Ø   Employer and client loyalty.

Theory of
colour: colour chart

Blending makeup

First Begin by making sure your hands are clean to
avoid transferring any germs to the face.  Next, place small dots of the
first foundation around your face onto the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. If
y working on a client mix the foundation on the back of your hand.

Do the same thing with the second foundation as
well. You can use as much or as little as you want for your desired amount of

Next, take your stippling brush, a Beauty Blender or your preferred
method of blending and gently begin to blend the colour into the skin. Work
from the middle of the skin out toward the hairline to keep the majority of the
product in the middle of the face. This will also help keep you from forming a
foundation ring around your hairline.







To get the right colour – make the foundation cooler or
warmer.  (Warm, cool, or neutral.)

To get the right shade – make the foundation lighter or
darker. This may be particularly crucial at times when you are spraying
tanning, or in the summer months when you are outdoors more. 

To get the right finish – make the foundation more
matte or dewy. Sometimes your foundation can be to matte or flat looking. On
the other hand there are times it can be to shiny, so you want to find
something that falls precisely in the middle.


Skin types
and characteristics

Skin Type
the moisture content of the skin and production of oil is perfectly
balanced.  no dry spots or greasy areas
of your skin and will look clean and clear.

Dry Skin Type
common characteristic is that the skin is dry and flaky.  Skin feels tight and has finer pores and finer
lines. Having dry skin can increase skin irritation.


Oily Skin Type
an oily skin is greasy and shiny.  Have
enlarged pores and will be likely to have pimples, blackheads and/or blemishes.


Combination Skin Type

 A combination skin means that you have two
different skin types. You’ll have dry skin usually on the cheeks while also
having an oily skin on your forehead, chin, and nose or also known as T-zone.
Blackheads and pimples can occur specifically on the oily skin part of your


Sensitive Skin Type

Most delicate skin type.
The skin will feel tight and very itchy. It is prone to redness, dryness and


Aims and
limitations of media and special effects make-up

Applying media
and special effects make-up


Derma wax:
– Derma wax can be softened and moulded onto the skin with a modelling
tool, leaving very fine transparent edges that do not need colouring. It can be
used for a large variety of wounds and other effects such as pimples. Upon removal
you should scrap it off with the modelling tool. Any stickiness left can be
removed with cleansing cream or alcohol. Does not use the product too close to
the eyes, as application and removal would be uncomfortable for the model.

 Gelatine: – is a product made from horse’s
hooves. You can buy vegetarian gelatine as well as the standard variety at
supermarkets. It is then mixed with boiling water and Gelatine burns (two
different effects). If you are limited for time it can be purchased ready-made
in a block and heated in a microwave or a bowl full of boiling water. It is
useful in the creation of burns and three-dimensional applications such as eye
bags and split lips, as it is removed very easily with warm water.

 Liquid latex: – has a variety of uses such
as ageing and false skin. It can be painted on and left to dry, or used with a
hairdryer to speed up the drying process. It is useful in the creation of
burns, and skin diseases if combined with food ingredients. It is removed from
the skin by peeling it off. Avoid hairy areas, as it would be very painful to


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