Since history where world war two broke

Since starting of the era of science and innovation humans
have been interested in the issue of how to tell right from wrong. To
develop and produce a feeling of respect
cooperation and acknowledge in a child, workers or citizens of a country there
is always a contradicting question that arises
out: which works best carrot or stick? From greatest philosophers to dynamic diplomats
have struggled to reach the conclusion of this myth. There always have been
mixed reviews to this and every argument are given with testification of human
codes and ethics. To get an answer to such a tough question one must have to
dig deep. If we look back into the history where world war two broke out and
killed millions of civilians and lead economic backfall. Such incidents in the
past force us to think what was the outcome of this war, and some of our
diplomats would say it was a carrot and stick experiment of the world which
truly effects the roots of the plant of political ideology which ripens the
fruit of democracy in most parts of the world. Does its actually the same case?
We know that Hitler was born out of a democratic structure, due to pampering
and rewarding behavior of the USA that lead to the rise of monstrous Nazi
party, To understand more about the theory of “Is carrot is better than stick?”
we have focus on its definition first. Furthermore, carrot and stick basically mean
to change, motivate or teach any trait to one’s behavior whether force or
providing love and rewards. An individual on performing well is given a carrot
and if show lack in his efforts he is given punishment.

Throwing some light on
punishment theory following points must be taken care of:

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If punishment is
given regularly it may make subject stubborn and it may even force one to give
even greater punishment.

punishment could even affect the psychological balance of pupil and could make
him a victim of depression.

If punishment is
given along with reward strategy it could be even more beneficial.

The rewarding strategy is far
more different and its features include:

Giving same
reward everytime may reduce its value for subject and may demand bigger rewards

Treating with
love and affection as a reward could give even more good results.

Rewarding must
always include emotional boost which could help to promote high confidence.

Furthermore, the role of this
carrot and stick system in our police and crime control system can be explained
with the following example: Suppose two people are accused of a crime but they
don’t confess as they know it will only make the case worse for them. Even
interrogating was no effect on them and point to note that punishment fails in
this case. Now officers separate both of them for personal interaction with
them. Officer tell the first one that they are going to be marked guilty as evidence
is found against them and if he confesses that they committed the crime he
would be granted some immunity as another one refuses to any negotiation. If
the same thing is told to other then the 70% possibility that one of them will
snitch other. So the reward is found to be useful in such case. Though this
example could be related to psychology this gives us some idea that how human
psychology tends to prefer rewards. There is a common trend that those parents
who appreciate their kid and give them hug when he or she performs anything
good tend to develop more good habits. Many prodigies of worlds like Stephen
Hawkins had a very deep relationship with his mother and he confesses that her
love and affection was the one thing that helps him to fight his difficult
situations in his life.


In favor of punishment,
several points could be given. If we look at the soldier life if they are treated
out of love and softness they might not have developed into a strong soldier.
Soldiers that have to face extreme conditions in there life have to set mindset
accordingly that could make them stronger both physically and mentally.
Comrades that are carved out of love would not be better then dummies who are
just made to scare other. Some doctors believe that sometimes punishment is effective
in teaching some of the life skills to the students. If we look back in time
when parents were strict with there kids and even use the stick for there kids
was seem to be more effective as kids of that age were more disciplined and
respectful. If we look at our modern schooling system where punishment is
totally banished we could find lack of respect, discipline and immature
attitude among students. Though many of us may think that punishment had
nothing to do with our education as we still are getting good results. Though
overall result is good and every year millions of students are graduating but
at a certain level, there is a lack of life skills among them. Many of the councilors
believe that percentage of students that are victim of mental pressure and
depression are increasing as they are not learning enough life skills that help
them to evolve through this tough lifestyle. Our criminal system follows policy
of retribution punishment, suppose if criminals are not punished and are
treated with love and would be set free if they start showing good behavior, does
this strategy reduces crime? Either it would destroy our whole legal system? If
we look at the life of Buddhist monks they live there life with a great discipline.
They attain this discipline through pushing their body through harsh conditions
and their gurus punish them hard to teach them how to control there mind and

It’s quite difficult to
choose right way to teach our children right from wrong. But best thing we
could suggest that a proper life lesson needs both stick and reward inadequate
amount. Those tend to outshine who experienced both love and punishment in learning
their life lessons. Though ideology of corporal punishment is true but it does not
withstand advantages of rehabilitation. Our own teaching tends to produce
bullies. If one is punish too hard he might pretend to have good behavior in
front of his teacher and his parents but in outer life, he might take out his
frustration on others giving rise to bullying. Rewards could be harmful too, in
our history lessons we might have heard of princes who killed there own blood
to achieve the price of throne. So rewards may also lead to harmful practices.
In Indian education system, so much emphasis is given on balance learning which
means a fusion of both punishment and reward to teach students important
lessons of life. In India, it is mandatory to pass moral science subject to
graduate which even includes school record of child in whole session of the
school.  The question arises that how can
we provide safe learning environment to our kids. So this mostly needs warm and
respectful interaction of teachers with kids which greatly help in building
caring environment. Motivation is a key factor towards success and it could be filter
out of both carrot and sticks. If we look at a basketball players while
training if they perform well they know they will get reward of playing in
match for long time and if they fail to perform well they know they will have
to sit on the bench as a punishment but this punishment pushes them harder to
surpass their limits. So reward and punishment are working together to make one
able to reach excellence. Sometimes stick may not be able work effectively then
carrot. We all might have heard the story of donkey who moves when a carrot is
suspended with a stick in front of donkey and he moves to catch it. This
example gives us idea that how reward could lead to motivation and pump up one’s

In contrast to all above thoughts,
we could conclude that too much salt and too much sugar only mess food. So
right amount of punishment and reward could be best to teach right from wrong.
If love and scolding are given in right amount it could lead to better results
and even help to avoid bad habits. Drugs are becoming a great matter of concern
all over the world and experts think that love and support from family matters
a lot in rehabilitation. So according to me more carrot and less stick are the
mantra for successful life. Love is greatest of all and have power even to melt
stone. Ones psychology also matters a lot though we could not deal with
everyone with love but stick or war is not key to any problem. Dilemma of ones
morality guides him to do good or wrong which could be changed by changing ones
ethics. So the answer to the question of carrot or stick is both works good
together provided punishment should be rather motivating than a threat.


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