“Silence have is being able to get everyone

is sound that
comes between sounds, it moves upon
the waters between the waves and is good, do you hear it?” These are the words of a
poet on the hello poetry community that was started in May 2009. That silence
is what I consider the voice that is within every entrepreneur and they only
get to know and hear of it if they take time and just listen to that hidden
voice within them. The experiences that we encounter daily make entrepreneurs tougher
and better people and teach us treasured lessons on how to carry on with our
passions. Whether they are contented or horrifying incidents, it doesn’t
matter. By reflecting on that voice from within, the wisdom acquired through
experiences will unfold and we become more aware of who we are. We need to take
an introspective and reflective look at the voice that is hidden within our
souls. Sometimes, the greatest lessons and personal growth is hidden deep
within us, no book or school can teach you how to get them. We just need to
look inside our souls. That said, this paper reflects the successes and
failures that I have dealt with as an individual working in a team of five
entrepreneurs, working on a venture that seeks to deliver food to people with
specific dietary needs. The major lessons acquired throughout the time we started
and how my future aspirations, personality and dreams relates the whole

Success and failure are always part of any team. The most
important thing is to find the balance between the two which determine how
motivated or unmotivated the team can be. The balance will help the team to
celebrate the success which will eventually build momentum for the team to work
on. On the other hand, failures in a team can demotivate the team from working on
its course. The way to handle failures in to avoid blaming each other and find
the root cause of the problem and solve it. The team should also accept failure
as an opportunity to learn.

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The success that I have observed as a team include completing
the business model. We have been working on our business model which we modify
from time to time. Despite the changes that we keep making, we have a solid
business model that would successfully work for our venture. Another success
that we possess as a team is the ability to have open, honest and respectful
communications amongst ourselves. This has removed a lot of obstacles that
would have been caused by miscommunication in the team. Another success that we
have is being able to get everyone on board about the vision of the venture we
are working on. Each one of us fully understands how the venture would work if
we were to launch it today.

The failures that we have had as a team include poorly
defined leadership roles in the team. We have been working while holding each
other accountable. We have all been acting as leaders of the team in every
aspect. These has been somewhat a burden to the team because every member in
“leading” every “department” of the team. This ends up bring confusion at some
points because when things do not go as planned but we still need a clear
direction to move on. Another failure that we I have observed in the team is
the lack of us to integrate our future with what we are currently working on.
This could have been caused by the fact that we came from three different
problem spaces. The fact that we have not talked about the future, it simply
means we are not all planning to take up the initiative as a team after the entrepreneurship
seminars are completed. Another factor that could have contributed to this lack
of communication about the future of health on the go could be the fact that we
are from different parts of the word and it all sounds risky.

After observing the failures and successes of the team and
attending all the entrepreneurship seminars, I learnt the following lessons. Conflict
resolution is a skill that every team needs to be fully successful and stay on
course of its action.   Conflicts arise
from different angles. The conflicts that I have experienced in the group are
both conflicts from within and conflicts with ideas that my team comes up with.
The ability to resolve the conflicts have showed that I can still work with my team
with harmony, without getting confused along the line. The second lesson leant
is creating a sense of harmony, shared beliefs and truthfulness where they do
not exist is central to successful team development and growth. We have been
able to work together to bring because we have developed a common ground that
brings us together as a team despite the challenges of team dynamics. In addition,
I also learnt that getting the right people on the team and the right leader
keeps the team going amid distress. My team has defined leadership as we, the
members, being responsible for every aspect of the team. This has proven so
fruitful. We are planning to have clearly defined leadership roles for the
second half of the entrepreneurship journey. The fourth lesson that I have
acquired is that accepting that failure is part of the entrepreneurship
journey, and when they occur, dealing with them as opportunities to learn and find
strength. The ability to accept failure needs flexibility and open-mindedness. The
last lesson that I have gotten from working with my team is that sharing knowledge
and skills makes everything easier and simple.

Experiences are only transformed into understanding through
reflections. The understanding helps us to gain profound insights by looking at
the experiences with an introspective point of view and enable us to be able to
realize that learning is a process that involves mistakes and failures. We need
to question ourselves of the meaning of the failures and mistakes that we meet
through the daily experiences. Learning would never happen if we don’t question
ourselves of the meaning of what we encounter on daily basis. It is important
to always reflect in order to learn and grow.



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