Sierra early age (when she was a

Sierra Skye:

Sierra Skye’s real name is Sierra Egan. She got more
popularity because of her online pet name Sierra Skye. She is a swimsuit model
and Instagram (Social Media App) sensation around the world, having more than
3.3 million followers there. Sierra Skye is 22 years old and is from
California, United States of America.

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Sierra Skye was pretty much interested in fitness and
modeling when she was a kid. She always wanted to become a fitness model from
beginning. This passion allowed Sierra Skye to build her dream body and allowed
her to become a very popular swimsuit model.

Sierra Skye worked really hard to achieve her dreams. After
years of hard work, Sierra was able to work with a company known as Boutinela.
Sierra Skye helps this bikini company to promote the products of their brand.
Sierra Skye made her Instagram account in May 2015 and posted a picture of her
with her kitten and later started to upload her various pictures in swimsuits.

Today, Sierra Skye is one of the most famous swimsuit model
and social media celebrity who is appreciated all over the world and her
content has got many positive feedbacks.

Sierra Skye:

Full Name: Sierra Egan
( AKA Sierra Skye)
Birth Day: 6th November, 1995
Birth Place: United States of America
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Age: 22 Years Old
Weight: 55 – 60 kg
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Eye color: Light Brown
Hair color: Blonde
Nationality / Country: American
Profession: Swimsuit Model and Online Sensation

Media Sensation:

Sierra Skye is truly a social media sensation for her fans
and followers. She is active on different social media websites which includes
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Her content is liked and appreciated by each
and every follower of hers and they simply do not miss any of her post.

Sierra Skye has got more than 3.3 million followers on
Instagram. She posts her different portfolios in swimsuits there which catch
the sight of the viewer on the first go. On each and every picture or video of
her, there are tons and tons of positive comments for her which encourages her
the most and she tries to work even more harder to post some freshly brewed

Like Instagram, Sierra Skye has also got more than 27k
followers on her Twitter account, she posts different motivational and other
current affair tweets there, which are loved by her fans the most. Sierra Skye
is a genuine online star for her followers.

Starting Her

Sierra Skye belongs to Native American and holds an Italian
descent. She wanted to become a fitness model from a very early age (when she
was a teenager). Sierra Skye after becoming active on social media got many
hits and views that it did not take any longer for her to dig her steps in to
the modeling world.

From her pictures, it is also seen that Sierra Skye works for
a bikini company named “Boutinela” in which she showcase their products /
bikinis and swimsuits by wearing them and posting it online. Her career got
boosted up when she became active on the Electronic media world and got
popularity in a very small period of time.

Sierra Skye has worked with one of the most popular
photographer Bryant Eslava. Their portfolios are easily available online.
Sierra has done many projects previously and there will be lots of projects of
her coming up in future.

Personal or
Private Life:

While Sierra Skye is constantly active on social media, she
has also found her partner from the social media app Instagram. They love
chemistry is seen online by thousands of people. Sierra Skye is dating Roman
Palumbo, who is a popular Instagram photographer. Roman Palumbo lives in Los
Angeles. He is an active user of Instagram and Youtube both.

Some of the lovable videos of this couple are seen on the
Youtube account of Roman Palumbo, while Sierra Skye posts her content with him
on Instagram. Her boyfriend has also got more than 160k followers on her Insta
Solo. The couple seems quite happy and in love together.

As Sierra Skye is living a wonderful life and living her
dreams by working hard on them and her content and work is appreciated by
millions of people, she has got an extremely surprising net value of her
career. Now, net worth of Sierra Skye is close to million dollars.




As being fit and sexy is the first and foremost requirement
of a swimsuit model because they have to showcase their body so beautifully in
the wardrobes which should attract as viewers as possible, Sierra Skye works
out daily in the gym in order to keep her slim and fit all year long. She does
cardio exercises as well as lifts some weights.

As Sierra Skye is not a body builder but loves to keep her
physique sexy and fit, she works out with weights for 5 days in a week and does
cardio exercises in 3 days on these weight lifting days.

Sierra Skye trains herself for 1 to 1.30 hours daily. It is
conditioned on which area of the body is going to work out on that particular
day. When Sierra is working intensely hard on her legs and glutes, she can even
stay for almost 2 hours in the gym in order to work hard more and more to get
the desired results from her body.

Sierra Skye loves to do cardio exercises as she feels that it
can keep her fit and active. When she works out in the gym, she does a short
session of 15 minutes of cardio exercise in it and sometimes this cardio
session can also last for 30 minutes. Her suggested cardio exercise in the gym
includes straight and steady running on a treadmill. She also likes to do
hiking outside the gym.

Workout Plan:

Leg, Glute and

Sierra Skye is not a genuine weight lifter but loves to keep
her physique fit and sexy. The exercise which consist greater sets and ranges
between eight to twelve reps / Heavy weight sets, she takes a two mints rest
after each set but the scenario is not the same in lighter weights, whenever
she lifts a light weight, she takes rest for only thirty to forty five seconds
thinking that it would keep the intensity of her body high.

Following are the exercises done by Sierra Skye:

Warm-up on
a Leg Extension Machine: (3 sets of 20 reps)

Squats: (1 set
warm up without any weight) and after that (3 sets of 10 to 12 reps)

Leg Press: (3 sets of
8 to 12 reps)

Lunges: (3 sets of
8 to 10 reps)

Extensions Super setted with Leg Curls: (3 sets of 8 to 12 reps)

Kickbacks: (3 sets of 8 to 12 reps)

Exercises: Steady State running on a treadmill

Diet / Food

Sierra Skye does not only do intense hard works in the gym
but also takes complete care of her diet and food. As nutrition plays a vital
role in maintaining the body of a person. Sierra Skye always eat healthy and
eat those foods which can keep her fit and sexy.

She cannot cheat herself by eating any junk as it may affect
her body so much. Sierra Skye eats such clean and nutrient-rich foods which
keep her physique fit and healthy. For instance:



Plain lean meat


Olive oil


Brown rice

These are the foods which Sierra Skye acquires in order to be
in shape but she also admit it that sticking with only these foods every day is
not a piece of cake for everyone, it is very difficult to maintain a
disciplined diet like this one but she has to stick to it because of the fact
that she is a swimsuit model and cannot afford to gain some unwanted fat.


Although, Sierra Skye is a genuine fitness freak who has not
taken any heavy dose of supplements in her life in order to be in shape
rapidly, but there is something which she takes regularly as her daily need and
that is multi vitamin. This is the only thing which she takes daily.

There are some other supplements or proteins which she
consumes sometimes only when she thinks that she has not taken enough dose of
protein from her daily diet and food. Those are:

Fish oil


Magnesium Supplement

Struggle of
Sierra Skye Shows:

To achieve big in life, you should always focus it from the
beginning and never lose hope. Work hard for every single thing in life in
order to get the desired result. Sticking to something is the key to success
for everyone and that is what Sierra Skye has done in her life.

Being a model was a dream for Sierra Skye and she worked
intensely hard for it without giving up and we can see where she is standing
right now. Turning her passion into her career proved to be the biggest
achievement for her.