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There have been many debates on whether or not theres should be limits oppose to new drivers. New drivers tend to get a little out of hand when first driving. I believe that there should be limits on new drivers.

Although this is my point of view, others have an opposite view. One reason is that many teens depend on driving these days. This is the time they begin to depend on their parents for rides, which can become an inconvenience to them. Also if there was a limit then teens would be limited to where and when they can go out, or with whom they go out with.
In fact, no one is the perfect driver when they start out. With limitations a teen will gain more experience along with responsibility while behind the wheel. A new driver will be more careful with limitations against the license then a person without limitation. The reason why is because the teen will have something to work towards to get more privileges. Not all things are always handed to anyone. You have to earn it by proving that you can handle more responsibilities, like driving.
New drivers at the age of sixteen tend to take driving for granted rather then as a privilege. With limitations on young new drivers it will help them have a clear mind while driving. A sixteen year old with other peers in the car, music pumped up, and so forth tend to get distracted easily. With such distraction it may cause the new sixteen-year-old driver to have a better judgment while driving.

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In conclusion, the controversial for limitations on new young drivers are very high these days. New young drivers want the same privilege as an older driver. It is common for young drivers to make mistakes as well as elders. I think that sixteen-year-old new drivers can wait for a few more years to have the same right as an older driver. Driving isnt going to go anywhere; limitations will only help you become a better driver. Without limitations on young drivers, I think we would be facing a lot of collisions, simply because of the way a sixteen year old thinks and an older person does.


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