Shakespeare’s in 1593. Shakespeare’s most popular play

Shakespeare’s personal life at the beginning was different because we have no records of his actual date of birth because they only have the record of him being baptized in 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom but they say he was born on April 23. Shakespeare was the oldest child to surviving of John and Mary Shakespeare, William Shakespeare had siblings there was three younger brothers and two younger sisters but one of them passed away at the age of 7.   Around 1582 with William being in school for a few years he left then he met his wife Anne Hathaway.  Them being married for a short they were already expecting their first child who was named Susanna but it was really common in that time period having the women get pregnant really early in the marriage. William was 18 when he married Anne but she was 26, they completed their family having Twin that was named Judith and Hamnet. Shakespeare’s professional life was a well-known playwright, but not a lot of people knew that he was a poet and an actor as well so that’s something new for everyone to know about him. Actually, William Shakespeare had extra money to invest in various areas throughout his life. Shakespeare was famous for being an English bard that wrote sonnets even wrote 154 poems and wrote 37 plays that include ( Hamlet, Romeo, and Juliet, Othello). Shakespeare leaves his home in 1592 to work in the emerging theaters but it’s not certain that which plays he acted in but was known that he started acting in 1592. He was actually mentioned on a paper that was a playwright Robert Green that actually criticized his work. Shakespeare actually performed in “Edward I” that was a play by Edward Peele that was in 1593. Shakespeare’s most popular play  even today is Macbeth because it thought of to be one of the most produced plays ever, with the performances beginning somewhere in the world every four hours. William Shakespeare even came up with 80 different languages throughout his life.