“Send in a number of different ways,

button is mightier than sword”…Would be the best inkling to talk about the
millennials, the so called generation Y. Up to date no generation has been
misunderstood, analyzed, disparaged and also praised as done to millennials.
Millennials have been characterized in a number of different ways, on the negative
side they have been described as lazy, narcissistic, digital natives, echo
boomers, fragile and so on. They were also mentioned as peter pan or boomerang
generation for their tendency to move back with their parents due to economic
constraints and delay in their typical adulthood passage like marriage or starting
a career. Everyone has developed a stereotype for this millennial generation
for which they are not respectively responsible. It is all because millennials
being more self expressive which cannot be listed to only millennials but to
whole of human race. It’s the introduction of technology during their period
that made it so viral with them. Anyone can easily synonym selfie to a
millennials. Do you think any generation would have sustained for the things
that was invented during their period? Definitely not, even in the paleolithic era,
people drew them and their liking in cave walls which is clear that it’s not
the millennials act but human nature to express one’s identity. Atlest, they
didn’t invent atom bombs and used distructive weapons. Then, what made
millennials a hot talk? It is so evident that they were the first generation to
be exposed to unlimited number of technologies and users which is obvious that
they attained the fame. Despite their attachment to technologies millennials
are loving AF..! they love to meet with their friends, sit together talk and  look at the phone to message other friends who
couldn’t make up for the meeting. To be literally speaking they cannot focus
which is a condition and not on purpose. When it comes to work, these
millennials want to get pampered and told more frequently that they are doing a
good job. But, when mentioned they get offended which makes them appear fragile
and ignorant.

            Millennials are the most racially,
ethnically diverse generation yet. They love to get connected but not tethered.
Despite their past generations who were obsessed with cars, they love to take a
walk with the people with whom they want to spend time with. Millennial women are
making up an increasing percentage of the workforce and earning more than women
of previous generation. Than any other generation people millennials care more
about the goodness of the society and more likely to volunteer for social
issues. Millennials are more tolerant when it comes to personal life. Inspite
of experiencing high level of loan, poverty and unemployment they prove to be
optimistic in nature. They are the most educated generation which makes them
the understanding people when compared with other generations. Millennials are
the first among any generation to have brave but non vulgar acceptance of LGBTQ
rights, which makes them the most considerate and amiable people.  They are creative humans. In the society
which needs authenticity more than imitation, it is evident that millennials
accentuates just that. Any young people with satisfied and happy mind are to be
considered millennials. Above all this fact, you must agree millennials will
leave best photograph to their grandchildren.

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