Self-reflective effectively achieves our target and goals


In this reflective essay, I will be describing experiences and skills
that I undertook during my business foundation module, using Driscoll’s (2000)
reflective cycle. According to Driscoll’s (2000), there are three processes
when reflecting, which includes; What, So what and Now what.

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Time-management skill

One of the biggest problem I encountered in this module was that time
management as there were lot of work that I had to complete for other modules
therefore I failed to complete my work allocated by other team members on date
as it was quite difficult to decide which module to give priority in terms of
working hours. This resulted in leaving my work to the last minute. To
encounter this issue in future, I will be making a time table for my own
learning hours and by following that, it will make it easier for me to do the
pending tasks and avoid procrastinating as I always I have this mindset of
leaving all the tasks till the day before deadline by fooling myself that I
have plenty of time. In a way this module has taught me how to improve my time
management skill such as I’m constantly practicing prioritizing my workloads,
so I can get complete all the important tasks first and I will need to do the
same throughout the whole time I will be at university to ensure I don’t fall
behind any modules. Besides, each team member should complete the task on time
to effectively achieves our target and goals as lack of seriousness affects the
functioning of a team as team members do not complete the tasks on time.

In terms of time management, I still got problem with my attendance and
punctuality as I have missed out and turn up late to few important lecture and
seminars which affected my learning as I could have been missed out on
important part of the seminar/lecture. To overcome this issue, I will fix my
sleeping routine so that I could go bed early and get up early in the morning
so that I have enough time to prepare for university and make lessons on time.
I will also start to change my GP appointment times so that it doesn’t clash
with my lessons at uni. 





Lack of rehearsal and preparation
for the pitch


Furthermore, I learned several things from the experience from pitch
assignment. My group had lack of preparation for the pitch hence it resulted in
very few rehearsals before the final pitch, which is very risky, as we can’t
anticipate any unexpected circumstances to happen. I learned that adequate
preparation plays a vital role in presentations.  Preparing well before presenting a pitch
ensures the presentations is successful and improves self-confidence. People
who plan well before presenting a presentation are more likely to be confident
compared to members who do not as it ensures one doesn’t panic when presenting
the content. We could have easily figured out that our figures for the cost of
the hotel’s restaurant, spa and fire protection sounded unrealistic, if we had
sufficient practice rather than going through everything at the last minute. After
experiencing that disappointing pitch, I have promised myself that I will
practice a lot in advance to get rid of my nervous feelings and any improper
research in order to deliver a good presentation.

Lack of communication between team members

Patch three (the pitch) also made myself realize one of my key weaknesses
which is being lazy and in context it means that sometimes I will wait for an
order to do something rather than being updated with my teammates. I tend to
forget that I am also one of the member in our group and that is crucial to
develop the assignment tasks and to achieve higher grades. I hope in the future
groupwork I can devote more to the team. However, this issue of me being lazy
caused due to lack of team meets and lack of communication outside seminar
sessions as we only used emails to communicate until we shared our mobile
numbers with each other and it was towards the end of the patch three
assignment. From this, myself and my group members learned that getting to know
each other and trusting each other helps massively in a team work.









During the trade fare of our Jaguar hotel which held on 17th November, I
noticed two of the members in my group wearing smart suits, which I wasn’t
thinking of. Maybe the next time I will wear smarter so that it will improve
the profession of our presentation. Besides it would improve cohesion of a team
by wearing same form of formal clothes. Apart from that, our group did achieve all
the criteria to get the higher grade. We need to prepare fully to improve our
confidence and understanding amongst other members. To do that I should have
participated more to formalize our process of discussion and decision making,
which can improve our understanding with each other.



Difficulties encountered with research

Lastly, I found the research part of this module was slightly difficult
as picking out the valid information was hard especially for the patch three
assignment. Another part of research that I found hard was understanding the
clarity of the information I gathered from various websites. For example, it
took a lot of time to figure out hotel costs to get our final budget and after a
lot of research, I found a hotel cost modelling website. To overcome this issue
in the future, I will only focus on websites that are accurate and reliable
such from official organizations. And will avoid all those websites which does
not end in GOV, ac,, org, .com as those unofficial sites might provide
inaccurate, biased and out dated information.  



To conclude, this particular group project has been the most
exhilarating and precious work I have done so far. I have learnt some knowledge
that can never be learnt theoretically as business is always something that
happens in our day to life and by this project, I have gained those knowledge.
I could also be able to develop some of my transferrable skills such as oral communication,
time management and team work skills as the team brought the best in me as it
helped me to improve some my weaknesses. In conclusion, I would like to work
with the same team members in the future group projects if possible.



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