involved way partnership. The bride wears a white

involved in a Christianmarriage.

When a Christian marriage takes place, the bride and groom attend classes
with the minister or vicar before the wedding, This ensures they fully
understand the true meaning of a Christian marriage, what commitment means
and what the purpose of Christian marriage is. Although it is not a law the
Banns are read in a parish church three weeks before the wedding takes
place. This allows anyone who has any objections to the wedding on legal
grounds to say something.

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Many Christian couples want to get married in a Christian church because it
is ‘Gods house’. Other Christians believe God is everywhere and God would
still bless marriage everywhere. Jesus said “where ever two or three are
gathered together in my name I am in the mist of them”. However Jesus said
to peter “you are the rock on which I build my church” suggesting that the
church was the house of God and is the place to marry.

The priest, vicar or minister is seen as Gods representative on Earth. They
form a link between the couple and God. As the vicar forms the link in
marriage it becomes a three way partnership.

The bride wears a white dress which symbolises virginity and purity. If a
bride is not a virgin, or has been married before the bride might wear
cream or ivory. However some still wear white because they want marriage as
a pure and new start. The bride also wears a veil which acts as a barrier
but when they marry it is lifted they can now kiss and have sex.

On the day of the wedding the bride’s father gives her away which is a
symbolic action as it states that his role of caring for his daughter is
over and he is handing the responsibility over to her future husband. “And
a man shall leave his father and mother and become one with his wife”
The best man assisting the groom has no symbolic role. In the olden times
if the groom didn’t turn up for the wedding the best man would have to
marry the bride.

Each line of the vows makes a promise that you will keep through out
married life. The vows and promises are made before God and shouldn’t be
broken. The weddings ring is symbolic; it consists of an unbroken circle
which has no beginning and no end, never ending love just like Gods love.

The ring is made of precious metal showing how precious it is. The music is
symbolic because the wedding music is in praise of a God allowing wedding
to happen.

Then they sign a register for legal reasons. The bride and groom are then
married in a three way partnership with God.


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