SegmentsOur main audience is the European, American and

SegmentsOur segmentationGeographicDurex is a global company which holds a strong customer base and its products are available in 140 countries. It is the top brand operating in nearly 60 countries and has penetrated in most markets across the world. Its main audience is the European, American and Asian market. The condom is available through various channels like online web shops, retail stores supermarket, vending machines and in other public places.DemographicThe target audience will be age ranging between 16 and 35, because that is the age group where sex is focused the most. Their sex life is more active and most at risk according to their sexual needs. They focus more on enjoyment, pleasure and immediate satisfaction. On top of that, this age group is more active on social media. Thus, they get influenced to use the products through advertisements, commercials and the internet. The quality and type of condoms matters to them. They also want to avoid unplanned pregnancy and problems that might occur, while not using condoms like STI’s. They have a different drive and needs compared to the people ranging above 35, because most people within that age group are in a committed relationship and they can have other means of protection for safety and precautions. BehavioralA buyer has various reason to purchase a condom. It is to either to fulfill the excitement, curiosity or to try different types of condom. The loyal buyer will trust the same brand and repeat his purchase linking to the buying behavior pattern. On behavioristic level, the Durex will have a particular purchase approach. When the buyer finds the right one, the buyer will choose the package quickly, without analyzing the detail writing on the package. This behavior has an impact on the package’s concept: The product has been recognizable and common for his behavior.PsychographicThe psychographic reason people buy condom is for the lifestyle, values personality and interest. They buy condoms for fun purpose or for an event where there is a lot of alcohol and sex involved for example the US spring break. They also buy condoms to prevent themselves against STD and unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes they purchase it, because they are influenced by the advertisement and while some are very vocal about the topic related to sex that they want to buy


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