Sasha: fortunately or unfortunately are untethered from

Sasha: What would Donald Trump’s presidency mean for the world? Well, that  is the question, the media and foreign policy experts have been brooding over, ever since the billionaire Republican candidates started to be taken seriously against the Democrat Hillary Clinton.Kavya: But now that he has completed 100 days in office- are we any closer to an answer?Sasha: That depends on how seriously we take Trump’s words.Kavya: I say, pardon the incoherent, distracted, and thoroughly random string of words dropped by the President of United States ever since the run-up to the elections, because there are things he has actually done or at least shown the inclination of doing!Sasha: But, what Trump says and what he does are fortunately or unfortunately are untethered from each other. I think Trump’s inaugural address to his nation foreshadowed the disaster his term would be, almost like the famous quote ” Dark Wings Dark Words” from Game of Thrones…. It was ” Dark Words Dark times” for the America and the world at large!Kavya: (pro america pointer… from his inaugural address)Sasha: Trump’s inaugural speech was a battle cry. The disillusioned warrior, however had completely missed the point that the war is over and that the time has come to reconcile a deeply divided nation with itself and with its new President—or, one can say , as the following days have shown, a new type of battle had just started…Kavya: Your cynicism is uncalled for. He knows how to make a nation succeed. Not having a political background is almost a boon in disguise, he comes without any baggage or grudges shooting straight for the heart!Sasha: Well, his inaugural address to America  was filled with sentences that could be labelled ‘populist and/or factually wrong’.  It  could make one think that Obama had tried to ruin the country during his tenure – whereas in reality Obama worked very hard to rebuild the country after the financial crisis, to curb social injustice, to give access to healthcare to even the poorest people, etc. Kavya:(praise the style, structure and language used in the inaugural address)Sasha: Well, I don’t agree to that! Even the syntactic structure employed by Trump in his speech made his speech easy to read and understand as compared to Obama’s which was more fit for college graduates. Further the speech contained a much smaller number of figures of style, apart  from the occasional tricolon, anaphora, and antithesis. “Success” was the main sentiment that emerged from Trump’s address ,whereas  for Obama it was  “hope”. And hope is what you expect the incoming leader of the most powerful nation in the world to project not success, which reeks of profiteering and capitalism, the exact sentiments that he was trying to take the nation away from.Instead of mentioning countries which would play a vital role in  and I quote “Making America great again” unquote he refers to Nebraska and Detroit, two cities in areas where he received maximum votes. This in the background that there were a number of cities where people were protesting against his victory! All in all,the speech was permeated by adjectives typical of Trump the Campaigner, resulting in a big final crescendo: strong, wealthy,  proud , safe,  great ; the speech was nothing more than an extension of his malicious campaign. The Twitter-king most likely wrote this last paragraph himself!Kavya: Oh, so you mean to say its Trump first not America first!Sasha: Precisely my point. He even indulged in a blatant display of vanity and arrogance when he said and I quote “Today’s ceremony, however, has a very special meaning because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power  from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people. (…) And this, the United States of America, is your country” unquote , like someone knight in shining armour out to save the country from oppressors. It was almost funny up till he went ahead and added quote”we all bleed the same red blood of patriots”—words that sent shivers down the spines of many, not just TV commentatorsKavya: (pro america pointer). I think his appeal to the American people is sincere.Sasha: The Greek philosopher Aristotle distinguished three categories of proofs  based on rhetoric logos- which we could translate as ‘rational argumentation’,  pathos -manipulation of the audience’s emotions, and  ethos-the orator’s character, credibility. Trump almost exclusively relies on pathos. All he does is play on the white voter sentiment by highlighting time and again the need for weeding out immigrants and creating more jobs for America.Kavya: (pro Trump pointer)Sasha: Even the use of cliches in his address was cocky, self-glorification at best. I don’t think it convinced anyone one other than his gullible voter base. Sentences like “That all changes, starting right here and right now’ or ‘This  American carnage stops right here and stops right now’ The patriotism which Trump calls for in his speech seems like a cult leader brainwashing on his zombie followers – I am the Big-Winner-Not-to-Be-Criticised, who has won everything one can ever win; first big money, and now the summum bonum ( a Latin expression meaning “the highest good”)  of earthly power. At the opening of his speech he thanks the ‘ people of the world ‘ (it seems they, too, voted for him). His gestures before and after his speech: thumb up and winner’s fist. Here he is again— Trump the Fighter from the electoral campaign.Kavya: (Closing remarks on the speech)Sasha: Content-wise, Trump’s 2017 inaugural speech will without any doubt enter the history  books as the most shocking inaugural speech so far in US history. One can only wish the American people, and especially those who do not support him and his politics: ‘God bless the United States of America…’ (…and perhaps the rest of the world, too)


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