Sanskar to accomplish what needs to be

Sanskar Tripathi has been my student from 2015-2016, while
he is pursuing his undergraduate studies in the Department of Geography. Kirori
Mal College, University of Delhi. In this capacity I have had the opportunity
to work very closely with ham and observe his performance over this time period.
He has exhibited incredible creative energies and a refreshing Idealism
tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done On one hand he is
independent self-starter and on the other is equally at ease working in groups,
or interacting with others He is able to complete projects with minimal
direction and has better idea of when to ask questions He has excellent
communication skills and has academically proven himself as is evident from his
examination records.

 Sanskar always
volunteers to jump into and help with any task from the mundane to the challenging
He blends a well organised. task oriented style with the required sensitivity,
He is mature with a great degree of responsibility and commitment especially
towards the environment. What makes him different from his peers is that he
possesses a “Can Do attitude” and executes each and every task
flawlessly with exacting attention to details and on time. An avid painter, he
captures his sensitivity to environment on his canvas.

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In the Department he showed excellent leadership qualities.
fervently working in various capacities in the Geography Association Organising
team events and participating in competitions. He was also the Associate Editor
of the Department magazine Geoline 2015. His participation in organization of
Department festival shows his willingness to contribute as a full member of the
team and great Interpersonal skills. He has also worked on a project to increase
awareness about carbon emissions, where he has undertaken a survey on carbon footprint
of students of 16 colleges of University of Delhi Moreover as per his records
he was the School perfect of his School (2014-15) and was an active participant
and winner of various quiz and debate competitions.

I strongly recommend him for the Commonwealth Scholarship
2018. I am of the firm belief that this internship will aid him in further
understanding the major concerns in geological and sustainability Issues and he
will be better equipped to work for the benefit of the society. 


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