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Rishabh WaliaMrs. BakkerSNC-1DB08 January 2018Electric AvenueElectric AvenueOn January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced a device which would revolution who we are today. He unveiled the iPhone. A simple handheld device that was a combination of ideas that had been formed to bring together a revolution in the tech industry. In 2007, we revolutionized the world once, but now mankind seeks to do it again with electric cars. A simple but effective idea which is changing the power source from gas to electricity. This one simple change has entirely transformed the car. An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using energy stored in rechargeable batteries (Wikipedia). The idea is to switch out the traditional gasoline-powered motor for a rechargeable electric one. This ides saw its birth in the 1880’s, that’s when the first electric car was built. In 1832-1839, the first crude electric carriage built with non-rechargeable batteries was built by Scottish inventor Robert Henderson.  In 1835, American Thomas Davenport was credited with building a small locomotive which would later go on to be the first practical electric car. Now other big companies seek to join the electric car race. American company Tesla is winning this race by making their entire lineup fulling electric. Many companies have also decided to go fully electric in the near future. These companies include Volkswagen, Volvo, and GM. Though these number may sound very exciting, of the 17.5 million cars sold annually in the US there is about 1% which is electric. These number may astound as electric cars provide so many benefits to science, technology, society and the environment. They may date as far back as 1880’s, but they are still relatively new to the consumer.As we can see electric cars are very beneficial to the society. This is because they have many advantages and disadvantage, in which the advantages overview the disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages:Electric cars are 100% eco-friendly. They produce no tailpipe emission. That means no CO2 emission are released by the car. This is because the main source of energy is electricity which is a non-tangible source whereas gasoline is a fluid thus meaning that they emit no toxic chemical into the environment. This is a great thing for the environment as the average person emits 4.7 – 6 tons of CO2 every year from their car. With around 1,015,000,000 in the world and every car producing 4.7 – 6 metric tons of CO2 every year, there is sound 4,770,500,000 – 6,900,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide being produced by car every year. The other advantage is that they produce no noise pollution. Electric cars are significantly quieter and help reduce noise pollution. The engine in an electric car is completely silent. Noise pollution also contributes to many things in the society, such as health disorders like hearing loss and sleeping issues. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the impact noise pollution has on health is only second to air pollution. This is also contradictory to itself as gasoline-powered cars make noise and this helps the hearing-impaired citizen of society. As it is hard for them to hear they can determine where the cars are by using noise but with electric cars they have no noise making it more dangerous for hearing impaired citizens. If a hearing impaired citizen was crossing the street with an electric and a gasoline car crossing that same pathway, the citizen would hear the gas car but might not hear the electric car and thus make it more dangerous for him to cross.  The reason the decibel levels are so low or the noise pollution is reduced is because electric cars have fewer moving parts. One of the disadvantages of electric cars is that they are less economic and efficient. Electric cars are possible for smoother drive over longer periods of time but they have less speed and driving range. It takes on average 50-100 miles/80-160 km before the next recharge is required. Contradictory to the electric cars, gasoline cars average 400 miles before the next refill. This requires a 13L tank with an mpg of 31. Gas cars are also much faster than electric cars. The top speed of the top 10 fastest electric cars came at around 287.7km. The electric cars came at 420.84km. The effects electric cars have on science, technology, society, and environment. Also known as STSE is an acronym to measure the impact that an item may have on everything surrounding it. An electric car is any automobile which uses electricity stored in rechargeable batteries as an energy source. The impact that is has had on science is that of a positive one. As we know idling is a crime. It is when necessary CO2 is released into the environment when a car is on standby or not in motion. Electric cars solve this problem with a simple solution. They invented a contraption in their vehicle which is called “idling-off.” This is when an electric car is not in motion that it will turn off its engine to save energy. This will in turn also help the environment. They also made a second part to this known as “regenerative braking.” This is when the kinetic energy in BEV’s or battery electric vehicles in converted into chemical energy and stored in the battery to be used later on. This system is also known as “regen” is able to recover 55% of the vehicle’s kinetic energy. The friction generated when braking is what turns the car’s electric energy into heat. They do this by when trying to stop they convert the forward momentum into backward momentum by putting the car in reverse, while at the same time slowing down the vehicle and generating energy. The technology in electric car is unique and new in concept. With traditional gasoline-powered cars, they have an internal combustion engine, which when compared to electric vehicle is much louder and produce tailpipe emissions. There are two types of motors in electric cars, which are the AC and the DC motors: Direct currentAlternating currentDirect current motors use the battery power directly, the control circuit is much simpler. AC motors are most complicated as the DC power of batteries must be converted to AC.This type of motor is most preferred by DIY, as these are much easier to build and cost less.These require a voltage inverter. As this is a motor driven by an alternating current.These are much safer to install and a much simpler.It is the more expensive motor. The part required for this motor are much more heavy duty and cost more.A brushless DC motor will produce less heat meaning that energy in not wastedThese have better efficiency as the motor is larger and have the advantage in short speed and long range speed. They can generate more torque. Torque mean they can cause more friction with the ground in shorter time cause the top speed to go higher and have more grip which in turn would cause them to be able to have a longer driving capacity.These have more complicated circuits and are  more prone to short circuit.The impact that electric cars have on society is that of a positive one. As I have mentioned beforethere was the dilemma that they produce no noise pollution but have the problem with people that are hearing impaired but there are even more benefits electric cars have on society. They produce no tailpipe emission so they reduce condition such as asthma. “In Germany alone, an estimated 4,000 people die every year from noise-triggered heart attacks—more than are killed in traffic accidents,” Weinandy from ASOS said. These cars are also much more cost-effective. They cost a higher starting price but the return is the ten of thousands of dollars. Nearly four out of five owners in electric cars have an income more than 100,000 compared with one in three for all new car buyers with the average age of all new car buyers being 51. The total sale for electric cars in 2012 was 14.5 million  dollars. These cars are also very cost effective in terms of charging. 75c per gallon of gasoline. The last time the gas price was this law was 1988. So as you can see they have a great economy at the moment.Finally, we have the environment. Electric cars are great for the environment, well they are better than gas cars. Electric cars may not produce any tailpipe emissions but they are debated to be called 100% clean. The power plant that power electric car still is putting CO2 into the environment. In Germany alone, more than 50% of its electricity come from coal and gas. This way the concept of idling off and regenerative braking are so important. Idling off stop the car from wasting unnecessary energy which will have to be refilled again causing the power plants to generate more electricity which will put more CO2 into the environment. Regenerative braking allows the cars to generate some of that electricity by itself so it doesn’t have to generate it through a power plant. It also has the fact that at the moment, most power sources are gas so any secondary mean it will still put CO2 into the environment. For example, you were to buy an electric car from Germany but live in Canada so you have a ship transport it. That sip will still be using gas which will have an engine and put CO2 into the environment, which will also bring it own risks such as risk of invasive species. As of now, everything is connected in a snowballing momentum or a cause and effect Loop.In conclusion, electric cars are beneficial to society in many way and is an extremely new concept which will help the world for the better. They are not a favored concept but will revolutionize the world in many ways. Sooner or later electric car will need to be introduced as we have until 2050 to go all electric as we will use up all our resources. This new innovation will be one of the biggest new technology introduced since Apple’s iPhone. The simple concept of switching the power source from gas to electricity will help our planets current situation. Your carbon footprint is your effect on the world and cars have become one of the single biggest contributors to this problem. Looking after the environment is all of our jobs as human being and residents of planet Earth. I hope today you left this essay feeling more informed and educated on the topic of electric cars. Knowledge is power. The more you know the more you can help a problem. Earth is a serious problem right now with its current situation. Now that you have this power you can go on and bring awareness to this topic. I hope that we can bring an electric revolution for the better withelectric cars at the front.”One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind.”Neil Armstrong 1969