Reta?l ?s all set t? ga?n fr?m

Reta?l ?ndustry ?n ?nd?a ?s und?ubt?ngly ?ne ?f
the fastest gr?w?ng reta?l ?ndustry ?n the w?rld. ?t ?s the largest am?ng all ?ndustr?es
acc?unt?ng t? 10 per cent ?f the c?untry GDP and empl?ys ar?und 8 per cent ?f
the w?rkf?rce. ?nd?a has seen a drast?c sh?pp?ng rev?lut??n ?n terms ?f f?rmat
and c?nsumer buy?ng behav??ur. Fr?m sh?pp?ng centres t? mult?-st?r?ed malls t?
huge c?mplexes ?ffer?ng sh?pp?ng, enterta?nment and f??d all under ?ne r??f and
?t ?s because ?f th?s trend that the reta?l ?ndustry ?s w?tness?ng a rev?lut??n
as many new f?rmat markets l?ke hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental st?res
have made the?r way ?n the market.

?nd?a has als? been w?rld’s t?p s?urc?ng dest?nat??n
?n 2016-17 and the share ?n th?s categ?ry ?s 55 per cent. ?n ?nd?a, a maj?r
chunk ?f the m?ddle class and als? the untapped market ?f reta?l ?s an attract?ve
f?rce f?r all the reta?l g?ants fr?m acr?ss the gl?be. ?ur w?rk?ng p?pulat??n w?th
a med?an age ?f 24 years, al?ng w?th emerg?ng ?pp?rtun?t?es ?n the reta?l sect?r
?s ?ne ?f the maj?r fact?rs ?f the gr?wth ?n the reta?l ?ndustry ?f ?nd?a. As
many new bus?nessmen are enter?ng the ?ndustry, there ?s expected t? be a gr?wth
?n the reta?l sect?r.

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?nd?a ?s st?ll largely an un?rgan?zed reta?l
market where max?mum reta?lers ?perate ?n less than 500 sq. ft. ?f space. The t?tal
reta?l ?ndustry ?s est?mated at 9 lakh cr?re ?f wh?ch the ?rgan?zed sect?r acc?unts
f?r a mere 9 per cent ?nd?cat?ng a huge p?tent?al market ?pp?rtun?ty that ?s ly?ng
?n the wa?t?ng f?r the c?nsumer-savvy ?rgan?zed reta?ler. T?day, the ?rgan?zed
players have ventured ?nt? each and every reta?l categ?ry.

?nd?a’s reta?l sect?r ?s w?tness?ng accelerated
gr?wth, w?th reta?l devel?pment tak?ng place n?t just ?n maj?r c?t?es and metr?s,
but als? ?n T?er-?? and T?er-??? c?t?es. The purchas?ng p?wer ?f ?nd?an c?nsumer
?s gr?w?ng ?n categ?r?es l?ke apparels, c?smet?cs, sh?es, watches, beverages, f??d
and even jewellery.

Due t? the large sc?pe ?f bus?ness and h?gh gr?wth
p?tent?al, ?nd?a ?s attract?ng ?nvest?rs acr?ss the gl?be. ?nd?a ?s all set t?
ga?n fr?m the latest FD? p?l?cy ?n reta?l.

There has been an ?ncrease ?n purchas?ng p?wer ?f
the c?nsumer due t? easy ava?lab?l?ty ?f cred?t wh?ch has g?ven a push t? h?gher
value ?tems and enc?uraged repeated purchases. There has been a clear sh?ft ?n
c?nsumer m?ndset ?n buy?ng. They are m?re educated and well ?nf?rmed. They have
bec?me m?re exper?ment?ng and are w?ll?ng t? try and buy pr?ducts wh?ch they
haven’t been used as yet. The expans??n ?f m?ddle class has led t? h?gher
purchases ?f luxury pr?ducts and brand c?nsc??usness. S?gn?f?cant gr?wth ?n d?scret??nary
?nc?me and chang?ng l?festyles are am?ng the maj?r gr?wth dr?vers ?f ?nd?an
reta?l ?ndustry.

W?th GST tak?ng ?ts shape, ?t has helped the
reta?lers s?mpl?fy ?ts tax structure. Th?s w?ll lead t? better supply cha?n
structure, better cash fl?ws, pr?c?ng, and pr?f?tab?l?ty.


?nvestment Scenar??

The ?nd?an reta?l
trad?ng has rece?ved F?re?gn D?rect ?nvestment (FD?) equ?ty ?nfl?ws t?tall?ng
US$1.04 b?ll??n dur?ng Apr?l 2000–June 2017, acc?rd?ng t? the Department ?f ?ndustr?al
P?l?c?es and Pr?m?t??n (D?PP).


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