Raquel special stamp in the style of

Raquel Saiz González (Torrelavega, Cantabria) defines herself
as “hairdresser from birth”. As a child, she was surprised to see how
it was possible to transform the image of a person in such a short time.

It was always clear that her life was
going to be between dryers, dyes, brushes, scissors and hairpins. After the high
school, he focused on completing her training by attending Hairdressing and
Aesthetics for 5 years at IES Zapata de Torrelavega, obtaining a Specialist
Degree with very good results. She combined her studies with hairdressing,
until, at age 23, she began her career by opening her own hairdressing salon:
“Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz”. She currently has 12 years of experience
in her own salon sharing her passion for hairdressing with a team of six
people, keeping the business at the forefront of capillary fashion in the
region of Besaya. An important moment in her professional development was when
Revlon Professional proposed to Raquel, at the age of 26, to be part of the technical
team as a freelance.

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In the most creative aspect, Raquel
has always stand out for her updos. A guest in the salon recognized that Raquel
had a special stamp in the style of her updos since, when she went to a wedding
and could knew the girls who were combed by the hairdresser. It was such a
strong impact that ther comment that Raquel wanted to share with her admired
professions Felicitas, Manuel Mon, Gonzalo Zarauza and Carlos Valiente, who did
not hesitate for a minute to encourage her to create her own collection of
bridal fashion. Thus was born her first
collection ANGELS, made in early 2015 under the goal of Esteban Roca and
has enjoyed great media impact in Spain and the rest of the world.


As a result of the success of her
first collection, Raquel decided to pursue new creative challenges, which led
her to present a new collection to Revlon’s Style Master awards, so in March
2015, she worked hard to present the collection. In April 2016, the collection
presented by Raquel allowed her to be awarded the Spain Country Winner of the Style Masters Contest and had the
privilege of representing Spain in the international competition, being among
the 9 best hairdressers in the world.


In the fruitful year 2016, Raquel
Saiz presented her second bridal collection,
WHITE VELVET, with great acceptance among the national and international
professional press, and reopened her salon with a radical transformation in
design and furniture, improving the quality of her services and offering an
optimal environment for its customers. For Rachel, her team has been key in her
professional and artistic development, so she feels enormously grateful to each
of the professionals who make up “Salon Blue by Raquel Saiz”.


Recently renewed the Quality Q and Star Global Salon,
recognition achieved in 2014 and in 2016 has achieved the Star Innovation and Quality Star, awarded by TheQhair Quality Guide to the Barber Shop of the 21st Century.


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