Quote: lake. Sterns was the first non Native

Quote: “Crater lake.. Still defies the limited power of the words to convey the full range of its magic”. Paul M Crater lake national park is a importanat historical event     Social history:   John Wesley Hillman, Henry Klippel, and Isaac Skeeters were in search of the legendary “Lost Cabin” gold mine when they came upon the lake by accident on June 12, 1853. Hillman explained that this was the bluest lake he had ever seen, and Skeeters called it “Deep Blue Lake.” In 1862, Chauncy Nye and his group of prospectors saw the lakes blue structure.  Nye wrote the first published article about Crater lake, explaining “the waters were of a deeply blue color causing us to name it Blue Lake”,The lake was later rediscovered by two hunters working with road crew from Fort Klamat. Sergeant Orsen Sterns and a couple others came to see the amazing lake. Sterns was the first non Native American to climb down into the caldera and reach the shore of Crater Lake.  Sprague soon joined him and suggested the name “Lake Majesty.” In July of 1869, a newspaper editor Jim Sutton and several others were the first to take out a canvas boat onto the lake. Although the many other names for this lake, Jim Sutton named it “Crater Lake” for the crater on top of Wizard Island he described in his article while inspecing the lake.Klamath Indian legend. Crater lake had a Native American tribe called the Klamath Indians.The Klamath indians had a Legend.Their legend of a raging war between two great Volcanoes, Mount Mazama, and Mount Shasta. The spirits of the Earth and sky often came and talked with the people. Llao was the spirit of the Below-World who lived beneath Lao-Yaina (today known as Mount Mazama). Skell was the spirit of the Above-World. Llao often came up and stood on top of Mount Mazama, and his head would touch the stars near the home of Skell. There was no lake then, just a hole through which Llao passed to see the outside world. One day, Llao saw Loha, daughter of the Klamath Indian chief, and fell in love with her beauty. She rejected him because he was ugly and was from the Below-World. He got angry and swore that he would take revenge on her people. He tried to destroy the people with the curse of fire. The chief needed help from Skell. Skell descended from the sky to the top of Mount Shasta. Skell and Llao were thundering and trembling the Earth, hurling red hot rocks back and forth to each other (from Mount Shasta to Mount Mazama), causing great landslides. A terrible darkness spread over the area for days. All spirits of Earth and sky took part in this battle, creating intense fear among the people. Attempting to calm the ferocious volcano gods and to make up for the sins of the tribe, two medicine men offered to sacrifice themselves and jumped into the pit of Below-World. Impressed by their heroic sacrifice, Skell fought even harder. He finally defeated Llao, driving Llao deep down into the Below-World. He collapsed the top of Mount Mazama to imprison Llao forever beneath the world. Skell wanted peace and tranquility to cover up this dark pit, so he filled it with the beautiful blue water.Geologic History: Geologic history. Crater lake national park is located in Klamath Oregon. Crater lake particularly fills a type of volcanic depression called a caldera that formed by the collapse of a 12,000 ft volcano known as Mount Mazama during a enormous eruption about 7,700 years ago.The caldera forming eruption of mt Mazama changed all the landscape around the volcano. Since the climactic eruption, there has been several less violent with the caldera itself. Mount Mazama was a large composite volcano constructed by episodic growth of many overlapping shield volcanoes.Climate Crater lake is a subarctic climate, with the rare dry summer. Its high elevation like all of Oregon. In the summertime the weather is mild and dry, but in the winter its cold because of the semi permanent low pressure allows for enormous snowfall averaging 505 inches per year. The snow doesn’t normally melt till mid July. it allows for substantial glaciers on adjacent mountains. The snowfall from the lakes edges melt down into the lake. To make the lake clear and pure.   Hydrosphere Crater lake is the deepest lake in the United states and in North America with a maximum dept of 1943ft. The lake is incredibly clear because it gets filled with completely by snowfall. The outer edge of the lake known as the rim, rises up a average of 1000 feet about the lakes surface. The lake becomes balanced between the variations of precipitation and drainage into the lake. A little bit of the lakes water is lost by evaporation. Large springs are at lower elevations around the area of the lake. Springs are formed that lead from the lake but are soonly soaked down into the volcanic soil.. BiosphereThe waters of crater lake is home to unique aquatic ecosystem. The wildlife of Crater lake consists of many species. The moist west winds rise over the remaining parts of mount mazama.Some of the animals that live there are are directly affected by the cold weather. Long winters and short summers affect some of their lives. Here are a few animals you might see if you travel to Crater lake. Squirrel, Beaver, Bear, Eagle, Elk, bobcat. These animal can survive in this biosphere because they are used to the weather. They can survive in the harsh winters and through the boiling summers. The animals live off each other, some are carnivores,herbivores and omnivores.