Questions1.What sources of recruitment can be divided into

Questions1.What Type Recruitment source is suitable for Hitachi?Recruitment sources refer to the ways of making targeted individuals aware of job openings (Breaugh 2008, 57). In order to hire the most suitable and talented employees for Hitachi,  it is important not only to identify the best skills and specifications needed, but also to choose the most suitable sources where the candidates can be reached. Therefore, it is crucial to know the sources  of  recruitment  and  understand  which  of  them  could  bring  talented  people  to  the company. According to Wanous (1992) the sources of recruitment can be divided into three distinctive groups: • Internal recruitment sources • External recruitment sources • Walk-ins (e.g. direct applications) Each type of a source has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the key decision for a recruiter is whether to hire internally or externally. Internal recruitment sources:Internal  sources  include  the  existing  workforce  of  Hitachi,  employee  referrals,  former employees and previous applicants. Whenever the new position arises, somebody within the organization is upgraded, transferred, promoted or sometimes demoted. Current employees can be informed of an open position by internal advertisements, e-mail or in person.The advantages of using internal resources for Hitachi:  Ø  Better motivation of employees. Ø  Better utilization of employees.Ø  It is more reliable than external recruitment. Ø  It promotes loyalty. Ø  It is quicker and less expensive than the external, and requires less orientation and training.  Taking  into  consideration  all  the  mentioned  benefits,  it  can  be  said  that  the  use  of  internal sources is a very good option for Hitachi. However, there are some drawbacks as well. The limited  choice  of  candidates  is  the  main  disadvantage.  In addition,  the  internal  selected employee may not be familiar with the working environment in Pakistan. Furthermore, current employees are comfortable in the company and may not see possible future perspectives and fresh ideas which an external candidate may bring in. External recruitment sources:External  recruitment  means  that  candidates  are  brought  from  outside,  hence,  it  supplies  a suitable pool of applicants. We can attract suitable candidates through Advertisement. This is one of the oldest and frequently used sources of recruitment, but it requires a good funding and creativity. Hitachi can also use Campus recruitment, where HITACHI can find inexperienced candidates from various fields of study in educational institutions like colleges and universities. However,  there  is  an  important advantage – applicants  most  of  the  time  do  not  have  much working experience; therefore, they can be trained to suit the organizational needs. Hitachi can also rely on the Recruiting Firms in Pakistan. There are two types of recruiting firms: Employment agencies, which are generally used for junior level, clerical, semi-skilled positions; and Executive search firms, which are focusing on professional openings and usually undertake the complete recruitment process (Arthur 2005, 38; Patel & Rana 2007, 42). This external source of recruitment usually is quite expensive and most of the time a company relies on the choice of the recruiting firm; however, it has access to a large labor pool and can bring a great candidate more quickly than a company on its own. As we have already talked about the different sources Hitachi can apply for the selection of employees in Pakistan, but according to my opinion, external recruitment source seems more suitable. As the employees which will be selected from Pakistan, where there is a huge cultural and work ethics difference as compare to Japanese cultural and work ethics, the employeeschosen from Pakistan will be more easy to adapt the company work ethics and the mode of working.2. Which selection methods should the Hitachi focus on?Hitachi will focus on hiring new employees from local workforce so Hitachi has to take into consideration some suitable selection methods in order to hire new employees. Below the most commonly used employee selection methods are presented:Ø  Personal interview: is the most frequently used method of selection. The interview can be unstructured and structured. Some researches show that unstructured interviews are not particularly useful for the selection of a most suitable candidate. On the other hand, structured interviews are very helpful for predicting job performance, as they consist of a  specific  set  of  questions  designed  to  assess  almost  any  group  of  skills.  In  addition,  a standardized rating criterion helps HR managers  to judge the quality and effectiveness of the responses. (Pulakos 2005, 11.) Ø   Ability tests.  These methods are designed to test the competences of a candidate and to predict his/her potential to develop the required skills for a certain vacancy in Hitachi. There are  two categories  of  tests:  the  first  one  measures  general aptitudes  (verbal   and mathematical ability, reasoning ability, reading comprehension etc.), the second one is designed to measure specific aptitudes (selling skills, mechanical skills, proficiency skills etc.). (Pulakos 2005, 6; Rashmi 2010, 89).Ø  Personality tests: help in measuring attitudes  and experiences that are relating a prospective employee with his tendency to be honest, dependable and trustworthy.  Personality tests  assess  such  factors  as   conscientiousness,   extraversion,   emotional   stability, agreeableness and openness to experience. As results, those tests are strongly correlated with ethics and predict the behaviour of potential employees for Hitachi. (Pulakos 2005, 10.) 


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