Question become fair-price. The selling concept The

 Question 1

management orientation are unlike marketing concepts that effort on various
concepts to create, produce and market products to customers. It focuses on
designing strategies that will build profitable relationships with target
consumers. All of customers need more effectively, we should avoid strategic
mistakes to achieve higher and should uncover opportunities before competitors
and should implement emerging techniques in the concept of marketing
orientation. These all of the facts are importance of marketing management

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These are
five alternative concepts under which organizations design and carry their
marketing strategies.

production concept

product concept

selling concept

market concept

societal marketing concept.            

production concept

 In the production concept, we need to get a wide
range of customers. Most of the consumers like cheaper and good quality
products. Therefore, can increase production and cut down costs and build
profit through volume. This production is useful through volume. This
production is useful philosophy in some situations. Most of the managers focus
to get high production efficiency, low cost and mass distribution.

product concept

Most of
the consumers want the most quality or innovative features. They use a lot of
time and research in order to target their attended audience. Product concept
is a high level statement of the value of a product or service. It focuses save
customer’s time and make things easier, to get pleasing and productive to use
and to become fair-price.

selling concept

selling concept holds that consumers will not buy enough of the firm’s product
unless it undertakes a larger scale selling and promotion effort. In selling
concepts involves inside and outside scales people who work with the typical
customer-the distributor or wholesaler. Focus is more on selling the products
of the company to customers without comprehending the market needs and
increasing scales transactions rather than building and enhancing relationships
with customers.

The market

The market
concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs
and wants of target delivering the desired satisfactions better than
competitors do. It focuses of the marketing concept starts at understanding the
market. The marketing concept trusts on marketing research to define market
segment, their size and needs. It is fit for almost any type product and market

societal marketing concept

marketing is a concept which is a supplement to CSR and sustainable development
direct towards image building and long-term customer relationships. It focuses
shifts from transaction to relationship. It maintains long-term relationship
with customers. It helps to construct a better image of the company.
Management’s interest’s and preferences are depended on the marketing
management orientation a company chooses and applies.

Question 2

changes in marketplace and technology, it is becoming more and more challenging
for many companies to have long term customers and stay competitive in the
market.CRM helps a company offer better customer service, which in turn
supports increased revenue. CRM can lead to more cost effectively marketing,
avoid expense of mass marketing. CRM must focus in selecting and managing
customer value and loyalty through a long-term relationship.

evolution of the difference between all the benefits and costs of a marketing
offer relative understand customer perceived valve, we need to know about value
proposition. The importance of customers perceived valve is regardless will
always base their purchasing decisions based on the perceived value of the
product or service that we offer.

satisfaction depends on the product’s perceived performance relative to a
buyer’s expectations. Customer satisfaction is important because it provides
marketers and business owners with a metric that they can use to manage and
improve their business.



Question 3

importance of social responsibilities and ethics

social responsibility is important to a business it demonstrate to both
consumers and the media that the company takes an interest in wider social
issues that have no direct impact on profit margins. Corporate social
responsibility goes hand in hand with social responsibility practices. These
efforts can range from donating money to nonprofits to implementation
environment friendly policies in the workplace people and organizations need
each other. Social responsibility to employees extend beyond terms and conditions
of the formal contract of employment and give recognition to the workers as a
human being because can better brand recognition, increased sales and customer
loyalty, better financial performance and easier access to capital.

are vital in business and all aspects of living ethical principles a business
is bound to be unsuccessful sooner or later. Good business ethics are essential
for the long-term success of an organization. A company’s ethics will have an
influence on all levels of business.  Ethics
look at ethical philosophy, moral or ethics problems and deals with philosophy,
moral and ethical rights, duties and corporate authority between a corporation
and its shareholders, workers, clients, media, government and provider. Ethics
are connected to all discipline of organization including accounting information,
human resource management, scales and marketing global business and financial
system. Ethical reasoning is the exercise of intellectual abilities to choose
the best course of action that would best serve everyone’s interest. Employees
who are treated ethically are more motivated to provide higher quality work and
customer who are treated ethically will generally continue to provide the
company with their patronage and shareholder will benefit from this the
company’s increased profitability.