PUBLIC and Private Development Centre (PPDC) Finance and

PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT CENTRE.FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR , 2017.INTRODUCTIONPublic and Private Development Centre (PPDC) Finance and Administration (F&A) department is a wide-ranging group whose work touches every employee and activities of the organization.Administering an initial budget of N124,557,438.88 and inflow of  N151,749,495 from Omidyar, MacArthur and Homevida in Fiscal Year 2017, the F&A team works hard to keep costs down while providing all employees with the highest levels of satisfaction within the Organization’s capacity.The 2017 F Annual report highlights Finance and Administration’s role as a service department and our efforts to continually improve the way we operate in order to keep costs down. This report is a direct reflection of the successes, challenges and activities embarked on by the finance and administration department in 2017. OVERVIEW OF  FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTPPDC’s Finance and Administrative department consists of three units namely:— Administrative, Finance and Human Resources units. These units work concurrently to achieve the incalculable financial impact that positively affects all PPDC activities and employees.The team works tirelessly to supports the Organization’s core mission of increasing citizens’ participation in governance processes in a way that improves the integrity of public and private sector  by maintaining stewardship of the PPDC’s resources through a sound internal control structure and by ensuring that financial statements are prepared in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and PPDC’s Finance and Administrative policies. The work of each Finance and Administration unit has direct impacts that extend across all projects, activities and employees.OUR ACTIVITIESSome of the activities perform by the finance and administrative department in 2017 fiscal year include:Ensured that all transactions are properly accounted for and the financial systems are maintained, under all procedures and controls.Managed bank accounts and overseeing money transfers for all PPDC activitiesInstituted a “rainy day” fund.Signing cheques, authorizing payrolls and other payments.Assisting and guiding the board by providing relevant financial information during budgeting, accounts to donors and other decision-making activities. Coordinated with the internal and external auditors during audits and preparation for financial audit.Strengthened staff capacity through professional trainings and other relevant events. An overview of the trainings, workshops and meetings supported by PPDC include:Fire Safety Training carried out by the Nigeria Fire ServiceFirst Aid Training carried out by the Nigeria Red CrossTraining on grant proposal writing, financial management and grantee reporting by the West Africa Civil Society Institute, Ghana (WACSI)Training to build professional REST APIs with Python,Flask, Flask-Restful and Flask-SQLALchemyTraining on public speaking held in the officePublic procurement training held in the office Internet governance forum held in Geneva Training for police on internet literacyEMEA child safety summit and internet governance forum Promoted staff welfare by enrolling in Health and Group life insurance. All confirmed staff of PPDC where enrolled for health insurance coverage with Venus Health Insurance (formerly Zenith Healthcare) and group life insurance coverage under Zenith Insurance.  Statutory remittance of pension, National Housing Fund (NHF) and tax – Pay As You Earn (PAYE). A review of PPDC Employee Handbook to reflect current policies and trends with regards to the safekeeping and use of Office property.Increased staff welfare and encouragement by the implementation of over 100% increment in staff salary and the payment of bonuses. This was facilitated by savings made due to reduction of operating costs.Finance & Administration department (Fiscal Year  2017)In 2017, PPDC received N190,623,991.38 for the implementation of various projects. Below is a breakdown of fund received from our funders for different projects: Omidyar Network-         N48,587,500MacArthur Foundation-     N64,902,000 Homevida –            N60,726,301Partners Global-         N11,228,575Google Fellow –        N5,179,615.38                                                                                                                          NGN1Overall Budget AdministeredN 124,557,438.882Total inflowN 190,623,991.383Total expenditureN 142,163,229+4No of employee185No of procurement monitors36Staff travel (Transport, accommodation, per diem)12,769,4497Staff Loan taken and completely repaid3,510,0008Staff loan yet to be repaid30,0009Loan to Homevida5,118,186.21 ( Amount paid =3,696,249.00.) balance = (1,421,937.21)10PPDC Transportation within Abuja 1,264,57511Office Supplies and upkeep 114202612Generator/ Electricity 70,20013Communication 6,338,25014Courier 46450015Pension 1,397,359.3216Taxes and Payee 1,087,525.0817 NHF 353,575.6818Staff Leave taken( Annual and sick)29219 Staff Leave not taken (Annual and sick) 13320Salaries and bonuses60,871,032  SUCCESSES: Below are some successes achieved by the department in 2017 fiscal yearPPDC successfully purchased a new office space in Karmo Idu district and renovated the building to suit its needs. The impact of this building is the obliteration in resources spent on rent which can now be spent on other useful endeavours geared towards meeting PPDC’s objectivesWe successfully opened a savings account with stanbic IBTC bank. This account will enable us gain financial security and provide a safety net for PPDC in the event of emergency.The team successfully initiated a travel expense retirement template for all travels. The introduction of this template eases travel retirement and enhance accurate administrative filing We successfully increased staff salary with over a 100%. This  increment led to an improved staff satisfaction and encouragement for optimal impact and performance towards meeting PPDC’s goalPPDC also initiated the creation of a daily reporting platform called “Amebo platform” for staff. This platform will help save cost for PPDC as resources spent on staff reporting platforms will be used for other important activities.PPDC successfully increased staff strength by employing more talented staff needed to achieve her goal following the recent increase in our scope of work. We successfully installed fire preventive equipment in the office to increase the safety of staff and office equipment.CHALLENGESPPDC’s Finance and Administrative department is as old as PPDC it self.  We have had some challenges in the past year. Examples are issues of fund transfer, internal control, personnel etc. The department has however wo.In 2017, the departement was faced with few challenges which includes the following:Non compliance with the official resumption and closing time Consistent time management for resumption and closure is still a challenge for most staff.  Some staff still have no respect for PPDC official resumption and closing time of 8:00am – 4:00 pm and 9:00 am – 5:00 pm respectively. Productivity and output are certainly affected by this action. It is difficult to measure KPI’s with regards to attendance when flouting of official resumption and closing time is still a norm. Delay requisition request from. Late provision of requisitions and trip retirement by staff. Inadequate care for office facilitiesCare and management of PPDC facility are left for the  Finance and Administrative team alone. We have had issues of people leaving their work space without putting off all electrical appliance which could result to fire outbreak.  Untidy work space and work environment. Poor house keeping habit by staff as most staff still litter the office environment especially after meals, not tidying the toilet after use etc Increased imprest cost due to high cost of transportationRECOMMENDATION: Digitalising our financial and administrative source documents Finance and administration requires good and accurate records that can be retrieved on demand in the event of an audit. Examples of documents that can be usefully digitized includes fund requisition, online transfer forms, petty cash form, receipt Ledge, Invoice, deposit slips, Cash Receipt, Tax Forms, payee schedules etc. The digitalization will be inform of document management software. it will provide ease of accessibility to financial records held in our files and cupboards. This document management software will save time and money by automating labor intensive.    All requisitions should be submitted to the F department at least 2 days before project executionRetirements should be completed not later than 2 days after project execution Ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off before leaving the officeStaff are encouraged to take their leave to enable them rest, feel less stress and more relaxed for an increased work productivity and creativity F & A STAFF PROFILE:   Seember Nyager CEOSeember was born in Jos 32 years ago. She was educated in Jos and then schooled in ATBU Bauchi where she  studied Business Management and Information Technology. . While in school, she started writing radio drama scripts for the African Radio Drama Association (ARDA) and needed to send them the scripts to various clients online. Additionally, her supervisor for her thesis, was  at the time based in Asia and this introduced her to working online. After school, Seember She also did ground research on the use of radio by rural women farmers to access information on farm inputs. This was used to start a magazine radio program targeted at the women.  During her work at ARDA, Seember became part of the community radio community where a contact introduced her to the the then CEO of PPDC, Mr Chibuzo Ekwewkuo and that was how she joined PPDC. While working in PPDC as a program officer, she started her Masters in Computing at the university of liverpool and later,  started  a degree in Law. She likes writing and reading and loves to learn. . Her responsibility as a CEO in PPDC is to provide strategic leadership for the organization under the board’s leadership, raise resources for the organisation and ensure that organization and staff satisfaction. She is working towards the development of a strong institution. Her aspiration is to be a truer version of herself and not be defined by a stereotype and also wants to be fluently multilingual.  NKEMDILIM ILO- Chief Operating OfficerNkemdilim Ilo is a lawyer by profession, a wife and a mother. She was born in Benin and graduated from the University of Benin. She is the first of 4 children. Nkem is a strict and disciplined individual though her 2017 resolution is to be a “sponge”. She loves to read and research. She does a bit of personal writing and hopes to be published one day. She is obsessive compulsive and is very passionate about change for a better life. Her aspiration is to become a global traveller and learn more about other cultures (especially the ancient and the supernatural).She worked with several law firms before joining PPDC. She started working with PPDC in 2011 through a referral from a friend.She’s the procurement monitoring coordinator which involves implementation of procurement monitoring programs. She also serves as the head of administration and oversees PPDC daily administrative activities.Helen Abawulo- AccountantHelen was born in Makurdi 32 years ago. She attended Ebonyi State university where she obtained her B.Sc. in Accounting. In 2011 she did an internship with Stephen Yakubu Azizi & Co a Chartered Accountant firm where she acquired practical knowledge of general audit and account reporting. This experience met with opportunity during her service year as she became the chairperson of the Audit committee of Nigeria Christian Corper Fellowship (NCCF), Ekiti state in 2012. After NYSC she worked briefly as the Accountant with Blue Sea and Tour, a travel agency in Abuja .She then proceeded to PPDC where she worked as the Administrator and the Accountant for three years.She still works with PPDC as the Accountant . She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).She aspires to be an Auditor and financial analyst in the future.FAITH EZINWA- Admin OfficerFaith Ezinwa was born in Abuja 24 years ago and has lived all her life here. She hopes to travel around to gain more cultural knowledge. She is the 3rd of 4 children and the 1st girl. A native of Udi LGA in Enugu State, Graduated from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology in Microbiology. She loves to sew. Faith is enthusiastic about life and she sees herself as a pragmatist. While in school, Faith worked briefly with Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) department of the  Federal Ministry of Health as an Industrial training student. She started her professional life with PPDC as a corper/intern in 2015 and was retained in 2016. Faith likes to learn and is willing to absorb as much information as she considers useful and relevantShe is an administrator who handles  the day to day administrative duties including payrolls, statutory payments, event planning and financial reporting. She also works as a program support staff for procurement monitoringNDUBUISI JOHNSON- Admin Support StaffNdubisi is a 29 year old  graduate from Emene college in Enugu State. He studied Computer Engineering in 2000. He is the first son in his family. He got married in 2016. Before joining PPDC, he was a trader here in Abuja. He is still learning and acquiring knowledge here in PPDC.He joined PPDC as an administrative support staff in 2015. His job description includes ensuring that all required materials used in and outside the office are delivered timely and kept at their right place. He aspires to be a website developer and a procurement monitor