Product Lack of preparation – a lack of

Product image and branding1
– The Costa has a strong presence, with 400 stores, but the passion for the
brand may be fading as the real challenge for the Whitbread Group is to
reignite this passion and position Costa as something more than coffee shop. On
the contrary, the coffee compare well to other high street chains, is the main
attraction. Costa Coffee food is well presented to customers but lacks as it is
stretched into very general snack range for people. The image of Cost is luxury
as Cost’s reputation for excellence applies not only for the exceptional coffee
but also the insistence on perfect service. Pros: One of the benefits of having
a brand is the fact that those who experience the product will create a devoted
fan base. Name recognition – It’s easier for customers to advise products to
others when they can refer to a specific name or brand. Cons: Costs – branding
products is significant investment as it requires copyright, trademarks,
signage, and advertising expenses for branding products are all expensive
undertakings. Lack of preparation – a lack of preparation can lead to wasted
money and efforts when it comes to brand.    

– Costa Express is the quickest and easiest way to ensure their customers enjoy
a delicious, quality cup of Costa Coffee every time. Costa Coffee are using
innovative and latest technologies3
to deal with external forces. For example, Costa Express4
as it brings irresistible coffee to customers and proven profit to business. On
the contrary, Coffee machines are becoming more popular in the market. This
bring irresistible coffee to their customers and proven profit to Costa as this
generates extra revenue by additional purchases. Addition, to increase customer
satisfaction Costa will offer its customers the ability to pay with Apple pay
as mobile payments are easy, secure and private way to pay. Pros: Communication
is improved – allows people to speak with one another instantly as they could
be halfway around the world e.g. someone in China can chat with someone in
England whenever it is convenient for them. Increaser the mobility of the
business – Scanners let customers and business know where shipments are in real
time and mobile payments technologies allow the business to accept cards
digitally without an investment into additional equipment. Cons: Security
concerns become enhanced – easier to hack into proprietary information if the
business is connected with modern technology than it is to grab some paper
documents as email system may increase the speed of communication, but they
also open up a network to viruses and other software or hardware concerns.
Costs – invested in technology as to keep at the speed of business upgrading
the tech to keep the pace and it is difficult to invest in technology as a one
and done process.  

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– Costa Coffee has a thorough and delightful training scheme, the management
are quality and brand standard oriented and appreciate that great standards
come form a great term of happy employees. However, they sometimes struggles to
focus individually on each store and every single employee to ensure everyone
is happy with their role. Costa believes togetherness is still very much a part
of how they act today as everyone brings their own personalities, ideas and
ambitions, they all share in the same vision and values and taking every
opportunity, every day to make a positive impact on each other, customers and
their environment as this makes Costa Coffee unique. Pros: Potential issues are
identified before they become real problems. Employees feel comfortable coming
to leadership with new concepts. Cons: The heavy focus on accountability for poor
decision can decrease morale as accountability can occasionally have negative
connotations to employees. 

Aims and Vision6
– Costa’s vision is to become the world’s favourite coffee shop brand as Costa
takes every opportunity to make a positive impact on each other, their
customers and the environment. Costa is committed to create great a place to
work for all of their people as this beyond creating an inclusive culture where
everyone is treated fairly. Additionally, Costa Coffee have established an
environment in which they encourage everyone to work together, to recognise
each other’s difference and to maximise the opportunity these diverse opinions,
talents and capabilities can bring to the business. Pros: Creates detailed
reviews – employees can get feed to improve their performance as feedback can
only come from observations of their conduct, behaviour, or work in comparison
to stated aims. Employees learn – vision statements can affect employee
performance, employees must embrace the organization values so they, too, see
their employer’s mission as an integral part of the business. Cons – Create
confusion – effective vision statements require time and effort and a real
focus on what a company wants to achieve. Unrealistic goals weaken credibility
– aims and visions statement often include the business moral or social values
and how it wants the public to view its operations.









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