Primarily the front and back are alternately lit

Primarily Pictures Script Today we will be talking about misconceptions in astronomy What are misconceptions? Misconceptions are an opinion or belief that is inaccurate because it is based on flawed logicSeasons changed based on the Earth’s distance from the SunSome people believe Earth’s seasons are caused by our distance from the sun. They think that when Earth is at its farthest distance from the Sun, it will be winter and vise versa for summer. The Earth does vary slightly in distance from the sun throughout the year, and it is logical to think that the Earth would be warmer when we are closer to the sun. But, if the sun-Earth distance variation caused seasonal changes, then the Northern Hemisphere will have winters that would be hot and summers that are cold. Aswell, the whole planet would be in the same season which is not true. Seasons are caused by the 23 degree tilt of the earth’s axis towards or away from the sun. The Moon has a “dark” side that is in eternal darkness. Some believe that we only see half of the moon and the other half is constantly in darkness. The Moon has no side that is constantly dark; the front and back are alternately lit as the Moon rotates. The side of the moon that is “turned” away from Earth is no more dark than the side we see. All stars look white People believe all stars are white because that is how you see them from Earth. Stars are different colours based on their temperature, our sun is orangey yellow and Rigel is a bright blue planet. Meaning Rigel is much hotter than the sun. From Earth, we see different things than from space. For example, in space the sun looks more of a red-orange colour than orangey yellow. As our distance gets farther we cannot pick up the same colours so all we can see is light but not color. Our eyes have two types of cells that absorb light, one sees color and the other can see in very faint light. Therefore, that is why all stars look white. Black holes destroy everything A common misconception is that black holes destroy everything. It’s true that black holes have gravity, because everything does.  And it’s true that black holes have much more gravity than most stars.  But they do not suck in everything around them.  Like any star, things can orbit them if at a far enough distance. The only danger near black holes is if there is a disk of of dirt etc. around the black hole.  This disk has stuff that is slowly falling into the black hole.  An orbiting planet moving through the stuff would become part of the disk and fall into the black hole with all the other stuff.  No gravity on the moonMost people would agree that there is no gravity on the moon, explaining why astronauts would kind of float. That is inaccurate. Everything with mass has a gravitational force, the larger the object is, the more gravitational force. The Moon is much bigger than any piece of debris, so it has significant gravity. It’s just less than Earth’s gravity.


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