Preparation was 15 cm. The bottles used

Preparation of Experimental

The room used in the study was closed, emptied and all
unwanted materials were removed. The experimental area was disinfected with
bleach, zonrox and alcohol. The space dimension between each treatment was 15
cm. The bottles used were also disinfected by boiling water and autoclaved for
ten minutes.

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Preparation of Vinegar

            The pure white vinegar was
poured through a strainer in order to remove some sediments coming from the
vinegar. The fermented vinegar was transferred to the experimental bottle.

Preparation of 1-MCP and

            1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and
Chrysal CVBN tablet was dissolved in an experimental container for 5 minutes separately,
1 tablet per 3 liters.

Procurement of Chrysanthemum
Cut Flower

The Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema
grandiflorum L.) ”yellow” cut flowers were used in the
study. Flowers were harvested when the outer ray florets are completely
elongated and two rows of disc florets are completely developed. The flowers were
collected around 8.00 am prior after harvest at Busay, Cebu City flower
gallery. It was secured and packed with banana sheath, newspaper with
polyethylene to minimize weight loss and was transported to the experimental
location without any delay. This was based on DOST-PCARRD (1999).

Preparation of
Chrysanthemum Cut Flower

The chrysanthemum cut flowers were cut at an angle of 45
degrees with a sharp cutter/ scissor at 2 cm under tap water to avoid air
embolism. Flowers of the same size were selected for the experiment and the
stems were re-cut leaving about 20 cm from the flower head prior to placing
them in the treatment solutions. The foliage of the cut flowers that reached
below the waterline was removed. This is to avoid release of phenols into the
water which can block the vessels, hinder the development of the buds and accelerate
withering of the flowers. In order to achieve this, cotton was inserted to
cover the mouth of the bottles.



Set-up and Imposition of the Treatments

            The treatment imposition was done
less than 12 hours after harvest and was distributed to the treatments
according to the layout of the study. All the cut flowers were placed in glass
bottles containing the treatment at one flower per bottle. Each bottle contained
250mL of prepared treatment. The treatment solutions were prepared freshly and
dispensed into the bottles.


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