Political providing by a government to people

Political Culture is when the US citizens expressed their opinions
and thoughts about how the government and politics should operate.
Americans will make sure the government prominence to have liberty,
equality, and democracy. There are three political subcultures,
Moralistic, Individualistic, and Traditionalistic Political Culture.
Moralistic Political Culture is when people can see the government as a
public service in which providing by a government to people to improve
their living conditions. People will participate in politics to ensure
the public good. Individualistic Political Culture sense that people
want the government to limit its role to issue the orders in society.
Reason for this is because citizens can follow their economic
self-interests. People who are individualistic classifying as strong and
independent. Traditionalistic Political Culture is when government
dominated by a political group of people that make policies to maintain
the social order and then guided by a traditional. I believed that
individualistic and traditionalistic would best serve the citizens in
our great state of Texas because Texans have a pride in their state and
famous quote “Don’t mess with Texas” Traditionalistic political culture
would represent by the policies passed by the elected policy maker in
Texas.American Political Culture is a system that is shared
political traditions, beliefs, and values. The factors that make up
American political Culture is “The American Dream”, Liberty and
equality, and Democracy and Individualism, and Nationalism and
Diversity. Each American citizens don’t have the same political views.
It conflicts with Texas Political Culture due to different beliefs and
doesn’t want people to change the state’s way of doing things. The best
to serve in the state of Texas is Texas Political Culture because they
are proud, and they keep their taxes low and business plays a different
role interpreting the political culture of the state.


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