Polar for polar bears are said to be

    Polar bears are said to only live in the Arctic alongside their relatives and their prey. The most important habitats for polar bears are said to be the edges of pack ice where currents and wind interact. Polar bears mainly live in countries that ring the Arctic Circle. The main danger of the polar bears habitat is known as climate change. Since they spend most of their time on Arctic sea ice climate change could make it difficult for them. Melting sea ice usually makes it really hard for them to travel, hunt, and even raise their young. Another danger is oil spills which may be least expected to have any potential to the animals. An oil spill could not only harm polar bears and other Arctic wildlife, but can also decrease their prey and contaminate their habitat. Their population is known to be going extinct because of their habitat possibly being harmed more and more every day. It is caused by the ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice due to climate change. The survival and the protection of the polar bear habitat are said to be and urgent issue for the WWF. Though there are other possible preys, but seals are there natural prey which are said to be decreasing. As their traveling becomes harder it is more difficult to go and find more food that they have almost or completely ran out of. In order for a polar bear to stay alive longer and continue to take care of their cubs so they are able to continue their existence. The organism has to fight for their own lives and are expected to find their own food. The survival of a polar bear is growing hard as for their prey are decreasing and the climate may be making it harder for them. The oil spills may make it worse for them and it is a possibility that it could affect the water they and others trust in. Their extinction could possibly be caused by human oil spills, global warming, or the simple fact they are running out of prey to feed themselves.


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