Poem are dealing with immortality only in metaphorical



            Poem starts with the name written in the sand, that is
afterward washed away – this event serves as imagery of inevitable death of
every living creature. Once we will be also “washed away.”

The lines I picked could be
seen as “resolution” of how to stay immortal, but they also comprises other
interesting themes and metaphors.

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            IMMORTALITY. Writer shows his girl that she – exactly her
name – can be immortalized through his piece of art, because it will become
part of his poem –so, it should exists forever. He also claims that her rare
vertues shall eternize. We can explain vertues as moral excellence. Next to the
“glorious name written in the heavens”, the writing of name just upon the
strand, seems to me as something trivial; the poetry is that true leader, which
has “eternal power.” But despite of fact that we are dealing with immortality
only in metaphorical way, it leads me to question: Will be the writer of the
poem capable to keep his promise? How do we know that his poetry will be
powerful enough to survive?… I think that answer is sparkling clear right in
front of us – we have twenty-first Century and I am actually writing about THIS
poem, that comes from sixteenth Century (and has been inspiration for hundreds
of years). So, the writer is the successful winner and makes me feel kind of
trustworthy, that he exactly knew what he did that time, when he showed his
self-confidence   without worries about
future of his poem. But, the funny fact is, that, the real name of the girl is
somehow missing…

            LOVE. When focusing on this element, we could perceive
the love as something eternal, with its own ability to overwhelm further,
beyond limits of human consciousness; I feel strong contrast in the last two
lines, between “DEATH of all the world”- as something final, what cannot be
affected – end of human life – his biological body ; and as opposite, there is
” love, that will still live”, even they will not be there anymore – as some
spiritual energy that will be transformed into his poem; phrase :”and later
life renew” could be understand as alternative life of  this poem – as something what will forever
serve to reader as a source of inspiration and joy, or as an experience  of deep emotion from the object of art – and
in this way – that this poem will have a value to share, and could pose as kind
of “life sharer” – this will be the concept of renewal of life in more
“abstract” way.

            PLAY WITH WORDS is used here to emphasize tone of this
poem; we could apparently observe the change, when the writer starts his own
dialog at the end of the poem, he begins to use alliteration  ( V in 11th line – verse, vertues;
W in 13th line – where, whenas, world; 14th line – L:
love, live, later, life) – I think that purpose is to make reader begin to feel
slight exaggeration, tone of bragging, that writer wants to show his narrative
quality as a proof, that he is able to “immortalize”. From this point of view,
we can shift opinion about his aim of love – is this all about love between man
and woman, or is it poets love for writing, when he acts like he is full of



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