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Pierre Trudeau is known to the be the greatest political figure in Canadian History. Trudeau’s success was greatly reflected by Canada’s growing popularity on the world stage and would be remembered for generations to come. During, his time of influence Mr. Trudeau acquired the respect of the majority of the citizens and created a phenomenon called Trudeaumania by the media.  Due to his enormous public backing, Trudeau was able to accomplish many tasks which greatly impacted Canada in a positive manner. Pierre Trudeau was the greatest Prime Minister ever to serve, because he repaired relations between French-speaking and English speaking Canadians, promoted diversity which led to a united nation, and passed many Bills and Acts which led to a stronger Canada. Para: 1 Pierre Trudeau during his political career helped keep Quebec from separating through various laws and initiatives. Trudeau in 1968, expressed his opinions towards the separatist movement, “I am trying to put Quebec in its place and the place of Quebec is in all of Canada”. Pierre was born and raised in Quebec, he knew exactly why the french speaking Canadians wanted a separate country. The french speaking people in Canada for too long were not given fair rights and equal opportunities. To address these issues Trudeau created a french magazine called “Cité Libre”. He had created this magazine before his political run, nevertheless it was highly influential in Quebec and was later used to educate people of the acts and bills that he would pass during his years in office. This would ensure that the french speaking community understood what the government was doing. Trudeau was convinced the only way to surely keep Quebec from separating was to give them equal rights and opportunities. In 1968 Trudeau said, “Of course a bilingual state is more expensive than a unilingual one –but it is a richer state”. Pierre knew that it would be expensive to become bilingual; road signs would have to change, additional education costs as students would need to learn both languages. The benefits were a richer cultural heritage in the arts and Quebec being apart of Canada. Trudeau made it a priority to make the francophones feel comfortable and at home in Canada. Keeping this in mind, he passed the Official Languages Act in 1969. The purpose of this Act was to ensure respect for both English and French, which are the official languages of Canada and to ensure equality of status, rights and privileges for their use in government institutions. Trudeau hoped to balance the equality between the English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians and preserve the French heritage in Canada. Perhaps, if Mr. Trudeau had not made such great efforts to keep Quebec part of Canada, we would only have nine provinces instead of ten. Trudeau’s initiative to repair French and English relations was significant as it kept Canada a united nation. PARA: 2  Trudeau’s popularity rose tremendously because his actions to make Canada a place of diverse people. Trudeau had made a difference in the lives of many even before he was the Prime Minister, as Minister of Justice he developed the Criminal Law Amendment. This bill allowed abortion under certain conditions, decriminalized the sales of contraceptives and decriminalized homosexuality. When asked about homosexuality, Trudeau defend his bill and said, “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.”5. Trudeau’s actions had saved the lives of thousands of women who would die due to pregnancy and thousands of homosexuals who would be killed. Trudeau had campaigned relentlessly for this bill as he believed that individuals should have the freedom to be themselves. Building on that ideology, Trudeau eventually passed the Charter of rights and Freedoms in 1982. The charter guarantees political rights to canadian citizens and civil rights to all canadians, it was designed to unify canadians around a set of principles. This charter gave Canadians many rights that they previously did not have, like freedom of speech. Trudeau also believed that immigrants were key to building a strong and independent nation. The trudeau government had repealed previous policies promoting racial discrimination in the immigration system and put new regulations in place. It was after that, Canada saw increasing amounts of immigrants from countries outside of europe. To accompany these new regulations and Official Languages Act, Trudeau passed the Canadian Multiculturalism Policy in 1971, which was created “to promote respect for cultural diversity and grant ethnic groups the right to preserve and develop their own cultures within the Canadian society”. In Trudeau’s speech to pass this policy, he stated that no singular culture could define Canada and this led Canada to be known as a country who encouraged cultures of all origins. Through all these policies and acts, Trudeau ensured Canada would be a country who accepted all types of people, cultures and religions. This led to a nation who was different amongst themselves but united as a whole. PARA: 3  When Trudeau was elected into office, his main goal was to make Canada a better place and in doing so, he passed many bills and acts which helped Canada develop positively. In 1969, Trudeau passed the Official Languages Act, in attempt to keep Quebec from separating. This act officially made Canada a bilingual country. Trudeau also invoked the War Measures Act after a radical Quebec separatist group had kidnapped a cabinet minister and a British diplomat. The War Measures Act suspends most civil rights and gives the government power to maintain security. In addition, Trudeau passed the Constitution Act in 1982, this gave canada full control over itself therefore having full autonomy. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is also included in the Constitution, which guaranteed freedom and would prevent discrimination of any kind. Trudeau during his time in office also encouraged multiculturalism and passed the Canadian Multiculturalism Policy. This policy allowed individuals to take part in cultural activities without being discriminated against.8 He was also very active internationally, he actively persuaded countries to reduce their nuclear weapons and was given the Albert Einstein Peace Prize for his efforts. Mr.Trudeau also encouraged trading with other countries, he made stronger ties to Europe, was the first to accept communist China and reduced America’s influence on Canada’s Economy. During Prime Minister Trudeau’s time in office, he passed many acts and bills which led to the betterment of Canada. CONC PARA: Pierre Trudeau will be remembered as the greatest Prime Minister because he strived to promote and fix relations between french and english Canadians, he pushed for one’s individuality and freedom to express themselves, and made Canada a better place by passing numerous Acts and Bills. Throughout his time of influence, he accomplished many goals making a difference in the lives of many. Mr. Trudeau worked relentlessly to keep Canada united by preventing Quebec from separating. He promoted the ideology of multiculturalism and the right for people to express themselves however they would like. He improved the country by passing laws, acts, and bills which will be forever immortalized. As John Lennon of the Beatles once said, “If all politicians were like Pierre, there would be world peace”. 


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