“Permanent” enlarge their support structure. Developing relationships begins

communal relations also are constructed through men and equivalent associations
of women. Members within the Mexican
culture describe a group of friends with whom one devotes a substantial time
and who can be trusted with intimate information. Often members of this culture
develop groups that can be comprised of multiple members who share mutual
interests, who are bound by intense relationships and personal interactions,
and who obligate themselves to supporting each other in case of need.

Our group noticed that within the
culture there was an underline value that had been established, godparenting.
Through godparenting they can now enlarge their support structure. Developing relationships
begins this network by summoning a man and woman to function as godparents for
a child. Now the child’s parents and godparents establish a complex
relationship of privileges and responsibilities. Many times, this relationship crosses
social classes. When requiring assistance, a family can now depend on that
relationship that was established with the child’s godparents for help.

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Sometimes there arise negative attitudes towards
establishing relationships with those who are seen as outsiders, however, as
Mexicans progressively ratify the beliefs of a modern and open society, things
are starting to adjust significantly. Over the years a considerable amount of evidence
has been documented that Mexicans had become tolerant of others and supportive
of cultural differences.

the vast changes that have happened in Mexican society since the early 1900’s, relationships
remains the most vital social foundation. Many members of this culture acknowledged
relationships as the institution where they feel most protected and assured. Often
times relationships can be viewed as safe guard, providing assistance and shelter.
Economic perseverance through difficult times call for strategic relationships
to be established. Hence, relationships are imperative to survival.

Whether in reference to business or
in reference to the family dichotomy, relationships within this culture is the
pulse of its people. Family membership assumes an immutable bond among generations
of relatives, a bond that is convoyed by an equivalent set of privileges and responsibilities.
Family members are expected to exhibit love openly and mutually, as well as deliver
each other physical and moral support. The traditional family in the Mexican
culture has the authority to impose these virtues through the exercise of
pressure on those who adhere to it and through a sequence of activities usually
completed by its elder members.

Within the Mexican culture we find
that relationships tend to be the central focused. The family dynamic that they
establish is of upmost significance because it outlines what they truly feel
about relationships. Time after time as we conducted our research on the
Mexican culture, we discovered that all values originated within their
relationships with one another. The value they place on relationships is
extremely important because we feel as though it is the very foundation and
pillar of their existence.


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